Friday 25th January 2019 New Album Releases

Anything worth checking out today then?

Press Club sounded mighty fine on the bus this morning


Sneaks for me. Brilliant album.

Albums out by TOY and Blood Red Shoes if you like them.

Not heard of Press Club. What sort of music? Might check it out.

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Conor and Phoebe is tops

also there’s a new Mono album -it’s alright

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Australian punky stuff. There’s a few clips in this thread Press Club (ffo Japandroids etc) - #8 by casinobay

Tim Presley’s White Fence - I Have To Feed Larry’s Hawk


New one on Disintegration State today. IDM / electronica / techno with a dystopian vein running through the music.


Fidlar and Puppy for me today, and I’ll give the new Swervedriver a listen although I’ve not been blown away by the singles.

(Although they’ll all have to wait until I’ve indulged my guilty pleasure and listened to the new Bring Me The Horizon album)

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Julia Kent - Temporal

Canadian cellist’s sixth album. Resident Records AOTW so worth checking out


Rachel Zeffira has a new soundtrack out today - that’s what I’m mostly looking forward to hearing later on.

She’s supporting Poppy Ackroyd I think/hope next month at Hearth.

Ta for this - really enjoying the first track.

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Cheers buddy! Well pleased with the drums there - the result of making a really generic drum & bass beat and then changing every element to be a different kind of kick drum.

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Mono and William Tyler albums are out today

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Got the CD through the post yesterday. Can’t wait to listen to it!

Yeah Spotify just prompted me about the William Tyler

Link here

Not usually one for instrumental stuff but I thought Modern Country was excellent


This is excellent, great work man!

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Impossible Truth is even better


Good to know - I’ve got Deseret Canyon in my Spotify folder at the moment and I’m not enjoying it as much, but I’ll go back to that at some point.

If you like your American indie rock there are new EPs from Sunflower Bean and Dude York