Friday 2nd November Thread

Due (presumably) to the terrible state of my handwriting the confirmation form for the change of contact details for our cat’s microchip list my wife not as Ms {Firstname} {lastname} but as


First album to drop imminently, I presume.

Today in Melbourne it is muggy AF. I am playing D&D later. I may buy a set of hilariously outsized dice on the way over there.


Since I’m the only one here I’ll add another reply. Just found this email from our letting agents for the house we live in down here:


Please be advised that the management of your property has been reassigned from S____ V____ effective today, due to a slight internal restructure and redistribution of workload at J____ S____. S____ remains a much-valued member of our team, and will continue to work in our Property Management department.

Your new property manager will be K____ R____.

Love the fact they think we would care at all about this change but they’ve worded it now like some kind of major gossip so now I’m like :open_mouth:

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My phone says it “feels like -1” outside :grimacing:

Need to get up and go to work. Do not want.

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positively sweltering 0°C/feels like 0°C here

no idea what I’ve done to my ankle but it is not happy about something, feels really sore like it should be all swollen up or something but it’s not, looks fine. weird. walk to work should be fun.

Currently out with the dogs. I can’t feel my fingers.


Is there where people get annoyed when I complain it’s too hot? 32 degrees here. I’ve been paired to room with another 60 year old woman on this trip…let’s hope she’s less eccentric than the last. Took a tuk tuk to the mall and now I’m eating banana pancakes and drinking peach soda. Going to try to find some clothes that are more appropriate for this weather.


Nipped round to the Co-op for a bakery breakfast. Wasn’t that cold.

Absolutely the square root of nothing to report today or for the rest of the weekend.

Would genuinely prefer that in Fahrenheit to Celsius.


You in Bangkok? Was the mall the absolutely gigantic one that’s basically like an indoor market? I got genuinely lost in that place.

I really don’t want to get up. So tired and cold.

I got home around 00:30 last night and it didn’t seem that cold, but now it looks freezing out there.

I’m in Central World which yes, feels bigger than my hometown.

If you love the Co-op so much why don’t you marry it

I’m going to cave and turn the heating on later I think

You’re 60?!


Gorgeous (if slightly chilly) autumn morning here

Stuck in training all day :chart_with_downwards_trend: , then :fish: and :fries: for tea, and :fireworks: in the park with the girls later.


Completely agree. Was all set to like kermie’s post until she mentioned it :frowning:



Morning folks. First day of a three day week for me then off for five days. Massively cba. Spent all yesterday watching Making A Murderer Part 2 and eating though so that was nice.

Too much work. Didn’t do what I needed to yesterday due to my family being morons.
On the plus side, new music on Dis State including an album from Bam :fire: