Friday 2nd of February 2018 thread


Still in bed at the minute.
Gonna have a coffee, some toast then go to work. Quiet night for me. Going to Iceland (country) tomorrow morning :iceland: :volcano: :mountain_snow: :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow:

What you up to? For those with picture calendars what is this months picture? Or today’s phrase or whatever?
Mine is one I took going up the escalator of the Umeda sky building.


Working from home then train down to that London to fly to India tomorrow for a week of work.

Where are you going to in Iceland?


Reykjavik for a couple if days then hiring a car and going east to that big national park and that :smiley:

Working in India… wo. Hope it goes well for you. You able to have some fun there too?


Morning M_w_t and aphexsponglelover

Nothing much doing today. hoping I can get through today without incident and enjoy my weekend off. Might have a beer or 4 tonight as I’ve had a good week so far.


Been going swimming then a bit of gym in the morning recently but got a 8am meeting so had to sack it off.

Gonna try and not drink at the pub tonight so I can go afterwards…absolutely 100% going to happen absolutely no doubt about it yes sirree


Ah, that’s pretty much what we did on our first Iceland holiday. Drove all the way east to Hofn.

Gonna explore the city a bit on Sunday, and 4 other colleagues are travelling out there too so I imagine we’ll try to do some evening events with the team in Pune. Looking forward to it!


It’s Shpongle, you dweeb!


You remember roughly how long it took you by any chance?


Morning all. Had a brilliant night at the theatre last night for Beginning. Today is a looooooong day at work, including a handover for a project that I’ve done for the past few years, so at least I get to listen to my own voice for a while. I’m definitely not going to Iceland and very unlikely out for a pint, though.




We did the drive back from Hofn in about 6 hours of driving time (with a couple of stops, natch). On the way east we had several places we stayed at and used as bases.
The road is incredible to drive - stunning scenery. Pretty jelly of anyone who goes!


I don’t care


And my calendar image is this


To think that for a fleeting weekend you were Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness





Had one too many pints last night I think, feel well groggy and I’m gonna be at work a bit later than normal :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Hardly any weekend plans either.


Morn’. Having coffee and toast w/ honey. Gotta go into work but managed to argue them down to a half day. Need to do a big post office run later. Nae plans this eve, probably wont do owt.

Slightly hungover actually :thinking:


Pretty hungover this morning. Didn’t drink loads but didn’t have enough water before I went to bed.

Still, :pizza: for lunch with an ATD.