Friday 2nd of February 2018 thread

Still in bed at the minute.
Gonna have a coffee, some toast then go to work. Quiet night for me. Going to Iceland (country) tomorrow morning :iceland: :volcano: :mountain_snow: :snowflake: :snowman_with_snow:

What you up to? For those with picture calendars what is this months picture? Or today’s phrase or whatever?
Mine is one I took going up the escalator of the Umeda sky building.


Working from home then train down to that London to fly to India tomorrow for a week of work.

Where are you going to in Iceland?

Reykjavik for a couple if days then hiring a car and going east to that big national park and that :smiley:

Working in India… wo. Hope it goes well for you. You able to have some fun there too?


Morning M_w_t and aphexsponglelover

Nothing much doing today. hoping I can get through today without incident and enjoy my weekend off. Might have a beer or 4 tonight as I’ve had a good week so far.

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Ah, that’s pretty much what we did on our first Iceland holiday. Drove all the way east to Hofn.

Gonna explore the city a bit on Sunday, and 4 other colleagues are travelling out there too so I imagine we’ll try to do some evening events with the team in Pune. Looking forward to it!

It’s Shpongle, you dweeb!

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You remember roughly how long it took you by any chance?

Morning all. Had a brilliant night at the theatre last night for Beginning. Today is a looooooong day at work, including a handover for a project that I’ve done for the past few years, so at least I get to listen to my own voice for a while. I’m definitely not going to Iceland and very unlikely out for a pint, though.



We did the drive back from Hofn in about 6 hours of driving time (with a couple of stops, natch). On the way east we had several places we stayed at and used as bases.
The road is incredible to drive - stunning scenery. Pretty jelly of anyone who goes!


I don’t care

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And my calendar image is this


To think that for a fleeting weekend you were Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness

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Had one too many pints last night I think, feel well groggy and I’m gonna be at work a bit later than normal :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Hardly any weekend plans either.

Morn’. Having coffee and toast w/ honey. Gotta go into work but managed to argue them down to a half day. Need to do a big post office run later. Nae plans this eve, probably wont do owt.

Slightly hungover actually :thinking:

Pretty hungover this morning. Didn’t drink loads but didn’t have enough water before I went to bed.

Still, :pizza: for lunch with an ATD.


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Staking your claim for king of dinner early there