Friday 2nd of February 2018 thread

Morning all,

Got a friend coming down from Glasgow to spend the weekend with us so that’ll be fun. Got a meeting 1pm to 3pm this afternoon which is a pure pisser though; normally have a half day today.

Superbowl weekend too, which will be fun.

Hi! I’m running late because i couldn’t be arsed to get out of :bed:

Just filled my work calendar with fake private meetings. 1-0 MWT.


Morning, got another site visit today which will be quite busy so will have to get my head down and get on with it. Still in bed though :neutral_face:. Will probably have to work tomorrow to catch up on stuff and then have to drive to London on Sunday before another site visit on Monday. When I planned all this before Christmas it seemed like such a good idea! :woman_facepalming:

cba crew represent

Got a touch of the eponymouses, which isn’t helping. Got to spend today doing tedious prep for my work trip on Monday. Got the house to myself this evening and cancelled all of my weekend plans, so that’s good.

On the plus side, I’m wearing my shark socks and my brain is stuck on a loop of “Shark socks! And George! The protectors of my feet”


Tired + hungry = grumpy

Also, some software I’m using is throwing error messages that sound like Trail of Dead lyrics.



Just spent the last few minutes telling one of my plants how much I love it.

Bought two bunches of daffodils yesterday :smiley: :blush: I LOVE DAFFODILS it meant I got to make use of my favourite vases that have been gathering dust.

Flowers and plants are brilliant.

Oh and morning everyone!!!


Off work.

Got the shits.


Got a cold.

Poppy Ackroyd record out.

Going to have to leave the house to eat.


Up and feeling fresh, this no mid week drinkin is ace, and I even managed not to drink at the shopping gig last night.
I might never drink again.


Morning, played an innterreessting gig at New Cross Inn last night. Interesting in the sense that I forgot how to play all the songs and the sound was shocking. Also I had a couple of pints and feel awful?

Currently in bed, gonna be toast and then a big run later and then board games later tonight eeeyy.

Morning all.

Invigilating exams all day. Quite enjoying pacing up and down looking like I suspect everyone is guilty and I’m just waiting for them to slip up. I think I’d have made a good dickhead policemen.

Hope you’re all well.

Make sure you tut occasionally and shake your head too, just to shit people up

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This is something I keep on considering. I keep getting a majorly bad case of the sads after even a couple of drinks. It is totes bogus.

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I like to pick someone to lurk behind for a minute or two. Really freak them out.

(This one is a life-or-death exam though so I’m trying to be supportive. Stern but supportive.)

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I had this for quite a while too and I found that taking a little break entirely cutting right down really massively helped. I think if there’s something on your mind booze will only magnify the problem.

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I went to the first day of a beer festival last night so I booked the day off work today. I could have managed to go in but I’m DJing at the beer festival tonight so I thought it’d be more enjoyable to sort through my records with Clive at work.

Clive doesn’t know I have the day off. I told him I was going to work later than normal because then I would leave work later in order that I arrive at the beer festival at seven rather than six. If he knew I had the day off he’d throw a sickie probably. A peaceful day to myself is what I need though.

Sorry that reads terribly. As in, I now don’t drink nearly as much when I do drink, but the couple of months off were entirely necessary to sort out my head otherwise I would have just carried on being self destructive