Friday 30th - a thread

Morning DiS!

Hope you’ve all got cracking Fridays lined up. Anyone had a better start than @rich-t following a Kingfisher?

And if you’ve not seen it yet then @midnightpunk has knocked it out of the park on the HGATR Husker Du (add your own umlauts) thread.


Off to Dundee today to pick up a new, more practical - getting old is wild, car.

Gonna get a spot of lunch and try to visit some lemurs when we’re up there too. Hoping the revenge bairn does not scream on either of the 90 minute drives. She woke up at 4am so the adults of the family are struggling a tad.


Pizza night tonight. Got very little work done today. Wrestling with some code nightmares.

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I’m far too tired.

Morning :wave:

Driving from Devon to the Peak District today. Will enjoy playing dodgems amongst the overturned caravans on the M5

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Morning! Sister and her children coming round…may go the park if the weather calms a bit.

Got pomegranate with my granola and yogurt this morning. Very fancy.

I’d just like to say good luck to @Scout, we’re all counting on you.


Very tired. I’m drinking red bull like a 14 year old. Probably go to Afflecks later if I’m regressing.

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I might liveblog my weekend. Most certainly my train journeys at least.


Good luck!

Stood on a snail as I left the house this morning for summer school drop off.

Heading back now to get ready, not looking forward to getting the cat in his carrier but can’t wait for him to piss off to the cattery. Such a foolish cat.

Can’t believe I child free until Sunday afternoon, just can’t believe it, I’ll definitely cry at some point but won’t be able to communicate that’s its sheer elation.

Will post about 50 times in this thread between now and 2pm :blush:


Morning all.

Have to wear a suit again today. Wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be after 18 months away from it. Feet are okay from new shoes too, though that may just be the 5 a side aftermath covering it up.

At @ 5 o clock this evening I will be logging off until Tuesday 16th :tada::confetti_ball::tada:

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Absolutely pissing it down and despite that my hayfever seems to have gone wild.

Currently sat on a train with a leaky roof on my way to work for another assessment and then it’ll be beer o’clock.


wasn’t meant to get re-jabbed for another week, but got a text saying the docs near me is doing drop ins today so might go see if i can mooch one off them


I’m child and partner free until Sunday (well, I will be when they head off in the next hour). The weather’s looking a bit underwhelming so I’m not sure what my plans are. Two good quality lie ins at the very least.

Overground was suspended so i’m gonna be pretty late for a work. Dont think anyones cares, mind.

Pret scam update: went to a different pret this morning to get a smoothie and coffee but nooo ‘the smoothie machine is broken’ ohh how convenient!!! I’ll just have a coffee then ‘oh we only have one machine working it’ll be 15 minutes wait.’ These people make me sick.

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last day of working in the mayfair offices today so the team there are taking me out for teh drinkz. feeling a bit low energy after my tuesday jab so takin this one easy

tomorrow got a full day with my oldest friend, which hasn;t happened for… seven years!

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got terrible acid reflux and i’ve run out of rennie. shit.

hungry. going to have a second breakfast of crumpets imminently.

Had a sexy dream starring Charli XCX and an attrative Diser.

Off to London later to spend the weekend with some of our BFFs :blush:

Morning all!

I’ve been up since half six but haven’t really got anything to do until 7.00 tonight. There are definitely things I could be doing but I just don’t want to.