Friday 30th - An Eveningtime Thread

Alright? Had a very very busy day today and now I’m tired right out. Gonna drink some free beer tonight and make some garlic & paprika pork belly and that’s more or less it.


Gonna go to aldi for the first time in 2 years. Psyched.


Evening Ivor,

I have just eaten this

Later on I shall be going to a pub where a mate will be DJing. In between now and then I’m listening to 70s French Psych on the sofa


Fried pizza?!?

I skipped the deep fried calzone this time. It was delicious when I had it before though. This was a nduja and pepperoni pizza


You know what I was referring to. Where’s the frying pan plate!


Did good at my exam at work this morning, off for [at least] another 3 weeks now. Oh well, we’re getting there slowly.

Went and had a couple of beers afterwards.

Now at home and just ordered from Local Indian for tea - Chicken aloo saag balti for me, mango chicken balti for her. Veg pilau rice and a keema and cheese naan.


GL have fun

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yes pal :+1:

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Losing my Tebay virginity tonight


you ever get that way where you can’t decide if you’re feeling tip top or not?!
got my second jab on wednesday, no side effects (i think). My sis and dad have both picked up the norovirus in the last few days, i have seen them but not come into contact with them.
Can’t decide if i’m thinking myself into not feeling great. Does that make sense?! :thinking:

I’m having a beer and listening to phoebe bridgers while i decide.

Excellent reading pile there.

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Every week I’m like, right no Friday ready meals let’s cook stuff up.

Then every Friday I’m in Waitrose buying ready meals almost at the exact time the food delivery comes.

Ah well, eating a predinner snack of pitta and tahini whilst watching the rice cook…then it’s telly and wine.

Hey everyone

I’ve got a pizza in the oven - trying to decide if I want / should I have a beer. I don’t usually like drinking when I’m feeling ill and it’s probably not a very good idea, but I’ve not had a beer for a week and I’m bored of not having a beer.

Been too knackered to do much today, stupid Covid (DW -I am fine though).

why don’t you just open one and see how it goes?!

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It’s better to cook on Saturday when you’ve had a chance to unwind a bit

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Yeah, where’s the harm eh?

Got 36 chambers on, wonder why that could be


Yes. I generally find a glass of red helps me feel tiptop again. :star_struck:


Hello everyone :wave:

Started vacuum packing again. My clothes are endless and I need to reduce them but I’ve already got rid of so many. Im an idiot. I found a jacket I bought last month that is so cool tho, imho anyway. Very excited to wear it out sometime.

Got some wine chilling in the freezer and tomorrow morning I’ve booked a slot for a vintage market that I’m very excited about!

Had vaccine no 2 earlier, feeling okay so far :crossed_fingers: