Friday 4th Aug 17


What say you


Was glad someone else started this, mine was going to heavily feature spam.


more of a luncheon meat kind of guy tbh


You only eat kitkats, don’t ruin the illusion.


mmm, luncheon meat flavour kitkats



Je suis müde.

Dreams this week have been vividly exhausting.

Got into work unusually early for a Friday - hoping to be away by about 3pm.

Kids back from Disneyland, so will spend an hour with them later and then have them all weekend with me. Can’t wait, missed them like you wouldn’t believe. Did manage to speak with them last night, although they were both distracted by the football.


Alright, Japanese Product Development Person…


It’s such a beautiful morning, the cats stayed out all night for the first time and came back alive so that’s good!


Got a bit of residual anxiety this morning, I think from being drunk on Wednesday night and having a lot on at work at the moment. Gonna try and have a relaxing weekend this weekend to compensate.



Glad we binned Snowdon off in favour of Coed y Brenin yesterday. A lad I went to school with did Snowdon yesterday and he posted a few miserable zero visibility pictures on FB. Meanwhile we did 11-miles around the forest and saw this:

My calfs (calves?) are certainly feeling it this morning though.
Got the 3 hour drive home shortly. Loads of shit mountain roads for the first half of it. Get some washing on and do some shopping when we get back I suppose.

Going to THE FOOTBALL tomorrow!!!


Got me a medical for my new job. Think it’s because I’m a mental inni?! So I’ll try and maintain an impeccable facade! I hope I’m not wrong and end up having to run or something, that’d be the worst. Then go see Dunkirk with my Pop.


Mornin team,
Only in work for a couple of hours and then off up north for a wedding.
Hotel were staying at looks pretty plush so I’m gonna treat masel to a spa, think I’ll get super stoned first :+1:


Took my car to the garage to get some issues fixed this morning so that’s me eating like a student for the rest of the month. I’m going to WINGFEST tomorrow.


I was chatting wi someone last night who’s off to wingfest, I never knew such a thing existed :grinning:


Think getting a massage when high would be the most awkward experience imaginable!


the festival the beatles could’ve been


Yeah I can’t imagine the paranoia this would induce.


Morning all, loads of work on at the moment and I’m sick of the sight of my laptop.

Got a weekend of decorating ahead, need to get rid of the bright red flowery Changing Rooms-esque wallpaper in our room and get rid of all the chests of drawers that came with the flat.


Alright chaps. Pretty relieved Friday is upon us, been a shite working week. No real plans for the weekend other than a wander around Highgate cemetery on Sunday.


Saw it advertised ages ago and thought it looked a laugh so bought a ticket. Turns out loads of people take it mega seriously and it’s totally sold out. Fair enough!