Friday 5th October. New Album Releases

Perhaps the last great week in 2018 for me. New ones from Cat Power, Swearin’, Kristen Hersh, Adrianne Lenker and Molly Burch.

Rare for five big/semi big album releases for me in a week for me. Look forward to your recommendations as usual.

Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams

Can’t really see me listening to anything other than that tomorrow


Also Fucked Up, ofc

Fucked Up and Kikagaku Moyo are the big ones for me, been hanging out for them

Here is some KM action -


Two potential AOTY in Fucked Up Andy Adrianne Lenker lads


New one from Thomas Ragsdale is beautiful organic ambience. Sounds like Substrata-era Biosphere filtered through the grey skies of Yorkshire.


Heard his name about recently. Might’ve been supporting Haiku Salut.

big day for some long established punk leanering bands, on top of Fucked Up, the MeWithoutYou, Coheed and Cambria and Cursive all have albums out today. there’s also an ep from Ipswich rockers, Basement ahead of next week’s album, as well as a 3rd, i think full length from US djenters, Monuments, who’s last album entertained me somewhat, although I haven’t been grabbed by the singles.

lots of other acts like Electric Six have music out today

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Pretty good week, going to run through Adrianne Lenker, Coheed and Cambria (my teenage self will listen to every new album by them damn it), Fucked Up, new Benoit Pioulard EP, Cat Power, and Swearin’. Pretty good week!

Also looking forward to what y’all put in.

Yeah, he was supporting when I saw them in Leeds - had a nice chat with him afterwards.

Also he’s one half of worriedaboutsatan.

Not much to add here, but looking forward to the new Birdhead record and will try out Kero Kero Bonito and Estrons too, why not?

Fuckinell this is amazing! Only 7 tracks in as well

Fucked Up and checking in on Phosphorescent’s gainz, for sure.
Also Marie Davidson (no idea, based on Metacritic ratings), and a couple of NZ artists, Rhian Sheehan (electronic) and indi (no idea, but the Flying Nun email sounded interesting).

Thing I’m really looking forward to is this:

Cat Power, Fucked Up and Phosphorescent.

There’s a lot out this month

Another big week! The the tracks I’ve heard from the new Fucked Up have me crazy hyped to hear the whole thing, but I’ve got Thomas Ragsdale’s new one lined up to listen to first. He’s released a couple of short things this year which have all been excellent and I expect this to continue his golden run. Really like the video he’s put together for ‘Pick Up Sticks’ too:

Will definitely check out the new Kikagaku Moyo for some chilled psych vibes as well. And I’ve got high hopes for Windhand’s new one as well - judging from the singles it promises to be a massively fuzzed out, melodic doom record with a surprisingly poppy sensibility.

HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!? Slice me up a piece of that action please.

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I’m all about mewithoutYou and Cursive today :metal:

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Think pretty much everything I’ve got lined up for today has already been mentioned, other than Kristin Hersh. Going to give that one a blast too.

Phosphorescent at the moment and it’s as bloody lovely as you would expect from him

New High on Fire :metal: