Friday 5th October. New Album Releases

Kristin Hersh was mentioned in the OP. Made me look at some reviews of the album, and subsequently put on my list for this afternoon

So many feelings.

Postman just delivered the new She Makes War album, so that’ll be going on soon. After that it’s Phosphorescent and Fucked Up.

Cursive all the way.

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So she was, apologies.

It’s pretty good, a lot more like Throwing Muses than the solo stuff I’m familiar with.

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The new Twist Helix is out today and it’s flipping brilliant :heart::heart::heart:

Wow! My head is a bit fried after that. Loved every second of it… definitely going to need a heap of spins to properly wrap my nut around though.

presses play again


oh my god, Coheed and Cambria still exist??

Cat Power is lovely, sounds like ‘old’ Chan that I listened to whilst depressed in my teenage bedroom. Yay(?)


mewithoutYou great on first listen… Cat Power later.

This week is already better than all of September put together

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Phosphorescent a really nice listen. Could do without the song about his son, though, and the Big single sounds maybe a little incongruous - but I think in a not bad way.

Now listening to Adrianne Lenker. Goodness me - this is just gorgeous to my ears, and Big Thief played a load of new band stuff when I saw them as well. She must be on a hell of a writing streak and long may it continue.

That Thomas Ragsdale from up above sounds lovely as well.


Pardans - Spit and Image

Great band, like early bad seeds/birthday party and Iceage (the sax and violin player are in Iceage’s live band so makes sense). Perhaps a little more rooted in jazz and improv than traditional rock structures, some really great playing and passages on this record, feels a lot less claustrophobic than their debut. Centrepiece of the album is Love Run Loose, got totally lost in it listening to it earlier. Record ends on the call and response refrain of “you’d like your money back?” “we want our money back!”, very funny.


Kristin Hersh now goes to the top of my to listen to pile.

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Oh good shout! Completely unaware of his solo work.

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It’s all really good. EP earlier this year was great and his back-catalogue is well worth your time.

So much to listen to… so little time

*going to play this over the classroom speakers today :wink:


Debut by Terry and Louie.

Glammed-up powerpop from ex- Exploding Hearts/Royal Pendletons/King Louie The 69th & Harahan Crack Combo guys

Full album “Inscape” releases today. She provided some of the more haunting instrumental moments in the generally haunting show Sharp Objects on HBO.

Well the response was muted… but no one complained. Now playing Cat Power.