Friday 9th April

Morning all!

There’s probably a second thread due to appear any second now but I hope you’ll join me here.

The garage called ten minutes ago to say I have snapped a coil spring. It will cost money to fix but I’m impressed they’ve called it this early.

Possibly hair cut this morning.

I’m making cottage pie later.


Got the day off.

Will be heading to my parents to mow their lawn later.

Then I’ll head to the beer shop to buy stuff for Wrestlemania weekend.

Then back to my place for an evening of films. I’ll try and have a dry night as I definitely will be drinking into the early hours over the weekend.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Every DiSer’s ambition.

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Haven’t had a haircut for 4 months now, it’s straying into mullet territory…
Hairdressers are due to reopen in England on Monday.

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Looking at puppies that we might buy
Beer and a walk
Some telly and dinner
Glass of red


Morning all. Pleasant day, cold though.

As usual, Friday dilemma is whether to have a drink this weekend or not. Probably will.

I always assume we’re well behind England in terms of opening things.

Nice to know I’ll be tidier than people south of the border, even if I’m not allowed to go anywhere or do anything.


Morning! Up and out to Bath to meet my sister and her adorable children, been so long!

Than it’s wine and MasterChef @ericVII


Morning! I woke up too early and couldn’t get back to sleep so looking forward to crashing by 2pm!

Got a few big things today work-wise but then it’s the WEEKEND!

Good morning!

Breakfast of champions for me

Was thinking of taking doggo to Earlswood Lakes for a walk but it’s a bit rainy at the moment. Think it’s supposed to dry out as the day goes on, so we’ll see.

As a side note, there’s a train station there called The Lakes - I wonder if any confused tourists have ever turned up there expecting to be in The Lake District and been disappointed to find themselves at a reservoir near Solihull.

Don’t think I’ve ever heard back from a garage before about 4pm, even when I’ve dropped a car off first thing.


It’s the best day of the month: new coffee day! Need to go out for a run today but i’ve barely been for weeks, gonna be painful.

Been asked if I can join a work zoom at 5pm… on friday!?? FFS.

if you want to post any pictures of puppies in here, that would be fine



i’m going to the isle of wight for a week tomorrow, so so pumped to leave london for the first time in fucking ages

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We want one of these :heart_eyes:



(Picture for illustrative purposes, these particular lads are sadly not from an advert I’ve found)

Nice. Not had oatcakes for years, I don’t think you can get them down here (not that kind, anyway).

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Was planning to nip to Argos in my lunch break to collect something I’d ordered, but it’s unexpectedly raining here, so I might leave that till tomorrow.

Had a migraine last night, so still feeling a bit meh this morning, tbh.

me too

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Macdo’s breakfast

  • Don’t be silly
  • Oh, go on then!

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