Friday 9th April

You’ve just inspired me to make pancakes and streaky bacon. It is Friday, after all.


Think I’m going to spend the day returning to some writing I last worked on months ago. I’m not looking forward to the rollercoaster of emotions: “this makes no sense / actually it makes sense and it is bad / i need to change this and that will take a long time oh no.” But you know, nice to do something creative.

Have a good Friday all :relaxed:

Did not take the dog to the lakes.

Might go for a little cycle this afternoon though, even if it means getting a bit soggy.

I should have listened to more Apples In Stereo when I got into Fun Trick Noisemaker. Listening to and really enjoying Her Wallpaper Reverie.


Work, Masterchef final, 3 day weekend for me. May socialise in a garden woohoo.

Please everyone check out this excellent thread over in How to DiS!

important message

ugh how do you get it to do the standfirst thingy anyway selfie threads are now restricted and deleted weekly this is a big day!

Love that this IMPORTANT MESSAGE LINK takes you to a picture of my face :joy: :joy:


(shortbread and Easter egg)

  • You’re a snack genius
  • I prefer my shortbread plain

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Has anyone seen any rhubarb in the shops recently?

Yes, been eating rhubarb for the last two weeks

Show off

… From local shops or a big supermarket?

Local shop & local market

Totally unhelpful. Enjoy your rhubarb, dickhead.


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Gang, I had 4 hours of meetings - 1 that was hi jacked by Philip dying, 2 already cancelled for other reasons and the last one I called with a line report, tempted to cancel it in respects to The News and let us both log off early

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“I’m going to have to cancel our meeting later, mainly because I can’t be arsed and also because the Prince of The Lizard People has died.”


Park was fun, niece and nephew excellent. Had a picnic in the light drizzle whilst wearing coats in stoic British fashion and agreed to do the same again next Friday but this time in Clevedon.

Also saw someone I went to school.with who declared j look exactly the same. Even same clothes style. I guess DMs and a dress never fails 🤷


Got the email to say my new records are ready to pick up so now I have an excuse to go out


They closed at 3 :pensive:

Oh well I went outside and that’s the main thing

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Mighty Mighty Bosstones have done a sequel to Rod Stewart’s The Killing of Georgie. It’s shit

I really should have a chippy tea tonight.