Friday 9th April

Only ever seen them in the Sainsbo’s round here (Birmingham). I don’t know if that’s just because they get their stock from the Sainsbury’s warehouse in Stoke or what.

Very possibly. Ive only really encountered them around Stoke. I think the last time I had one was on a trip out to Trentham Gardens.

Almost worth a trip to Stoke just for the oatcakes, tbh.

It’s my boy’s 8th birthday today. Happy Birthday Gruff! Won’t see him until later but looking forward to having him for the weekend…


There aren’t many other reasons to visit, tbf.

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Hello everybuddy! I’ve just found out the Disco 2000 by Pulp was released on my ninth birthday, which might be why it makes me feel such crushing childlike nostalgia!


Need to get started on some work, got a bunch of articles lined up and some copywriting too. Weather’s not as crazy today and meant be actually quite nice tomorrow, so if I get enough work done today I can go out to enjoy the sunshine tomorrow :sun_behind_small_cloud::sunglasses:

9th of April was the date of the German invasion of Norway, 81 years ago today. Even though I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere now on my Arctic island, there was actually a lot of German presence here around these tiny island communities, because of the strategic coastline placements etc. Still some of their structures and things left on the north island, pretty weird and sobering in a way. My nan grew up here as well (in the next door house) so she will have been right here as a child on the actual day of the invasion and all that.

Anyway, that was a sidebar, let’s get on with our Fridays!

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I bought some tickets to a gig at the Brighton Centre earlier, something I’d sworn I’d never do again. What have I done?

Might pop out at lunch and get another amazing doughnut from the place down at the beach - last week’s was sooooo good

@keith you see Tricky is playing Glasgow end of the year?

Yes, I had my ticket the morning they were released.

Are you coming across?

You’ve just inspired me to make pancakes and streaky bacon. It is Friday, after all.


Think I’m going to spend the day returning to some writing I last worked on months ago. I’m not looking forward to the rollercoaster of emotions: “this makes no sense / actually it makes sense and it is bad / i need to change this and that will take a long time oh no.” But you know, nice to do something creative.

Have a good Friday all :relaxed:

Did not take the dog to the lakes.

Might go for a little cycle this afternoon though, even if it means getting a bit soggy.

I should have listened to more Apples In Stereo when I got into Fun Trick Noisemaker. Listening to and really enjoying Her Wallpaper Reverie.


Work, Masterchef final, 3 day weekend for me. May socialise in a garden woohoo.

Please everyone check out this excellent thread over in How to DiS!

important message

ugh how do you get it to do the standfirst thingy anyway selfie threads are now restricted and deleted weekly this is a big day!

Love that this IMPORTANT MESSAGE LINK takes you to a picture of my face :joy: :joy:


(shortbread and Easter egg)

  • You’re a snack genius
  • I prefer my shortbread plain

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Has anyone seen any rhubarb in the shops recently?

Yes, been eating rhubarb for the last two weeks

Show off

… From local shops or a big supermarket?