Friday: a thread

Urgh, husband crashed in at 5 from a party banging the flat door down as managed to lose their bag with keys, phone, card etc all lost. Wide awake now so going to get to work early to leave early. Minimal weekend plans other than a friends 40th.

And you?

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Your man’s gonna have bare regrets this morning! Hope he finds the bag/ gets it all sorted!

Got three more hours left at work…
Going to then get a bacon roll, hit the gym then napppp


Oh man, definitely getting a McDonalds breakfast.

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Yes do it. You deserve it. What you thinking? My go to is the sausage and egg bagel with extra sausage patty, couple of hash browns and a flat white.

Sausage and Egg muffin, extra hash browns. Bosh!



Don’t want to get up


Barely slept last night and woke up early. Not at work so could be worse but still annoying

Heading out climbing with some pals today. Then DiS meat label night live debut extravangza tomorrow (plus pals coming up from London too). Life is good.


Training day today then it’s haaaaallllllllffffff teeeeeerrrmmm.

Got wisdom tooth pain and my big toe has started hurting in sympathy. Feel like I need to sleep the whole week to be honest.

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Good luck for the show!


Full nights sleep for the first night in a couple feels amazing. No plans really today. Not at work though :sunglasses:


Got a cold, so gutted about it

Going to Oundle.

Might get some pastries for breakfast.

sex gifs

Forgotten how to sleep the last few weeks. I had a whole noght with no child in my bed which never happens and i still couldn’t sleep.

A woman who insisted she didnt need to pay a deposit for a private tour because there’s no way she was going to cancel…has cancelled. Going to send her an invoice for the deposit anyway.

Really hungry already.

I’m being a guinea pig for a new brand of hair dye that my friend is putting his name to this morning. Gotta sign a disclaimer, so hoping my hair doesn’t fall out.

50 points if you see @xylo fencing Bruce Dickinson



Gonna get up and do an hour or so of work.

Then heading down to Manchester, probably hit a musuem/gallery this aft.

Then gonna get out of my on drone and minimal techno tomorrow.

Sunday, heading to Yorkshire to see my still untitled baby nephew.


Morning all.

Lovely sunrise over the Barry chemical works this morning. No, really.

This weekend I’ll mostly not be going to the Disintegration State gig :sob: I’m sure all you guys are gonna knock it clean out of the park though!

Hope you’re all well.

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Me too :sob: