Friday afternoon banal thread for a bit

close but no cigar (the cigar bit isn’t a clue)

farrow & ball

he’s a chef!

Just delivered a proofreading job and the original translator did such a shit job it actually made me angry. I’m supposed to give them a score out of three so I went and gave them a 1 and I feel like I’ve snitched on them but it was so so shit I wanted to claw my eyes out.

Once I’ve cleared my inbox I’m stopping and it’s holiday tiiiiiiiiime.

not really

Hope that was worth the wait @japes

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Ooft! You going anywhere pal?

Surprisingly there are no Aldis or Lidls in central London.

2hrs 25 mins to go.

I am going to do an exhaustive email trawl to make sure that something I don’t think was my fault, was not actually my fault. Depending on the results, I will either sit back and relax or frantically try to do some damage limitation.

When I get home I will ask my younger daughter about her first day at school before putting her to bed, then read to my older daughter.

Then Mrs McA and I might crack open the bubbly and CTFO.

Yeah off to Nice for a week but I need to go shopping for new bathers tonight as the last time I wore one I was running three times a week and now I am most certainly not

EDIT i.e. I got fat


daunt books
petit bateau

:grinning: that edit

Nice though, lovely stuff :sun_with_face:

Conran Shop. Sainsbos.

Just booked a valuation appointment for my flat. :open_mouth: Anyone got any experience of buying or selling a property with the furniture still in it?


@eltham also no

Yeah we bought our flat with the furniture included, the sellers were just BTL landlords and obviously couldn’t be arsed to get it all moved out

Gonna go with the ‘I’m really tired, sorry!’ Excuse tonight with regards to my plans. Gonna play the new NBA game demo and eat some meatballs.

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Did it have any impact on the legal side of things? Did every item get listed?

Not sure if the sellers had to do anything apart from filling in a form mentioning everything that was included in the sale (just the bigger and more necessary stuff like fridge and microwave etc rather than lamps and that)

Cool thanks, I basically can’t be bothered moving and storing everything so it will be a bonus if the buyers want everything.