Friday afternoon banal thread for a bit

Just ordered two t-shirts from here.

I’m so sad:

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Supposed to be having a call with a client about their issues with a new iteration of our software…this particular case has been going on for around 5 months I really CBAed at this point.

Afterwards probably buying a book on Python then meeting the TV at the pub.

Just got in, finished at 2.15. probably gonna have a nap in front of the cycling.

editing a video about a company that used to sell printers now moving into selling software, good good someone put me out of my misery.

just wanna eat pizza and play zelda

wildfires in the north west USA, hurricane about to hit florida with another brewing over the atlantic, earthquake + potential tsunami in mexico, hurricane in south asia…

i think jesus is getting ready to come back guys.

Just got offered a new job, so that’s a good start to the weekend.


He’ll be gunned down by the CIA

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and his lawyer*


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