Friday Afternoon Bits of Male Fashion You're not a Fan Of



Let’s keep it light though eh fellas

  • Hawaiian shirts, what?
  • Flat caps in 2016, what?!



Short jeans that show you’re not wearing socks. what?


Not wearing socks at all, brr!


Don’t like how in recent times we have seen an upturn in a) wearing no socks at all followed by b) wearing socks and rolling up trousers to display the socks.


Skinny jeans and military boots - pretty much every other man on Take Me Out


FFS, he’s got a flat cap on as well.


Jeans + formal shoes. Can be done well I guess if you get the proportions/combo of shoes and trousers right, but most people are not doing it well.


Blazers over t’shirts


Jude Law is the king of this.





Is it still 2002?


Also, these kind of low-cut v-neck tshirt. Immediately make me suspicious the wearer is a macho idiot. Probably prejudiced by the gym-nut douchebag at an old job’s fondess for them.


This will not sit well with certain disers


Yes, this is exactly what I was talking about


I will fight them.


often wonder how many of these kinds of blogs i’ve ended up on


Longline t shirts as well


Here’s Jude Law covering almost all the points mentioned so far