Friday Afternoon Fun

Ok - this afternoon’s fun game is “Steal Someone’s Avatar”

Grab a popular users avatar and set it as your own!

This will be AMAZING.

I need to think of a popular user now…

oh thank god

not many to choose from

Not all that many no.

man this is a terrible idea!

And that’s putting it mildly.

Still, that’s where we are!

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shit i’ve lost my original picture!!!

seems like a lot of hassle, man

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Just fucking do it.

a popular user. DiS elite assemble.

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fuck you aggpass



Dis privelaged twat.

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watch your spelling sexybum!


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@1101010 is gonna lose his fucking SHIT when he realises who’s I’ve stolen


nice one DarwinDude

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just realised that Friday Afternoon Fun = FAF

how apt!