Friday Afternoon Punctuality Power Poll


Are you punctual or not?

  • Yes
  • No

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Interesting and/or amusing punctuality-based chat permitted.


Late people:

  • Worse than Adolf Hitler
  • Pol Pot Sympathisers

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used to be very punctual but going out and living with someone who isn’t at all rubbed off on me one way or another


Time waits for no @manches-brute


Where’s the shades of grey.

I’m probably more punctual than not.


Although not if you count work.

I’m on time for important things.


Early people:

  • worse than late people
  • worse than people who hate late people

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Helloooooo promptly




@foppyish @saps Interesting and/or amusing chat only please.




I’ve never posted anything interesting or amusing here in the past and I’m not about to start now.


mine interesting because it details decline of someone who was once very punctual


no one said anything about use of grammar in this thread


Tell you what would be interesting, in what way did it rub off on you? You could register your punctuality status in the handy poll at the top of the thread. Thank you.


stop mocking the fact that i can’t vote on this site, it’s very upsetting


Thanks all. Good to see the majority here are decent human beings. Have a beautiful weekend.