Friday afternoon stats thread - Nice Posts

I had a reply that was sitting on 9 likes, but it seems to have disappeared from my stats, and I can’t find the thread. It was a completely innocuous topic and reply, so I can’t imagine it would have been deleted.

Does the archive of posts on the new forum only extend back a limited number of days?

I’ve got a niner. Connoisseurs’ choice.

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My record is 6 likes. And that post was just one rude word.

got one sitting on 11. I’m ok wit this

Only one. But a pretty good 'un.


total 28

Please don’t use me for your own personal gain

I have 3:

Just this one

It was low-hanging fruit, bluto. Someone else would have profited if I didn’t.

Can’t imagine anyone’s got more than 28

oh i have one of those as well


Oh - only six:

I don’t have any.

Fuck you and your stupid fucking thread.

I love him.

That’s not very nice

just like the rest of your posts

Twist the knife why don’t you.

1, for my cracking gag in that Lush thread

I have one, seems people here just like stupid photos