Friday Airport thread

Losing my daily thread creation virginity, never normally up early enough to make one.

But I’m at Manchester Airport, which has sickeningly forced me up early. Off to Hamburg to see a pal, should be fun. Buzzing for Minituar Wonderland later.

Tell me about your days, advance plans for weekends etc.


Probably the best place in the world

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Agreed to a meeting before realising it was at 8 o’clock. For fuck’s sake.

In recent airport news, my pal decided to take a return flight to Luton despite my telling her that if I ever sell my soul it’ll be to avoid having to go through Luton airport. Very gratifyingly got a text from her saying “Luton is everything you said it would be.”

Worst airport in the country


Had a headache since yesterday morning.

Off to work, will be very remembrance heavy. I have choreographed a misery dance …if there were cakes, they’d be in teirs etc.

Thank heavens it’s Friday right??

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Please link to the TikTok of you performing this dance

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Hiya. Really tried to resist the allure of The Phone and go straight back to sleep. As you can see, my willpower is immaculate.

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Misread the OP and idly wondered what a Minotaur Wonderland would entail. Some kind of maze I’d assume.

Also in the headache gang, but not the misery dance crew (unless my meetings go off topic).

Haircut for me and the youngest booked in for later, and that’s about it. Might use my lunch break to go see a Hawfinch. I’m honestly, and in so many ways, the dullest man alive.

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Stansted would like a word. That place is a hell Scape.

I’m on the way to Gatwick, going to meet friends in Dublin tonight, then see Godflesh.
Little sister’s 40th birthday party tomorrow night.

Should be fun.


This is a commonly held incorrect opinion. Stansted is essentially fine. Is it good? No, it’s an airport and airports are hellish as a baseline. Luton elevates the hellishness to a whole new level. It might actually be a hellmouth.


I don’t like Luton but Stansted is just the worst…
Shitty staff, 800 miles away from London…
It’s all bad.

I am not here merely to satisfy your kinks Eps

I’ll DM you right :kissing_heart:


All airport staff are bad, it’s the main thing they recruit for.

Stansted is very convenient for Cambridge. Luton is technically closer but takes fully twice as long to get to by car. Not sure it even has a nearby train line connected to anywhere that actually exists.

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I eagerly await the notification

Gonna go out on me bike.

Can’t decide where/how far. Might get breakfast somewhere as a payday treat (and there’s not enough milk in the fridge for porridge).

Really wanna go to that miniatures place.

Off to the dentist and then work today though

Bad night’s sleep and horrible dreams :frowning: Sigrid was really fun though.

Got a weird meeting today that feels like its going to be quite awkward and confrontational - help!

Not many plans this weekend- invited to a launch tonight but cba really, some socialising tomorrow day, might go out for a walk on Sunday. Got a gig on Monday which is confusing my concept of a weekend.

Morning! Feel like I’ve not been on here much this week, it’s been another busy one.

We had our first night out for dinner away from the baby last night - all of 3 hours - but we went out for an amazing Japanese meal close to home, demolished the menu, had some drinks, it was so nice. Feeling very chilled this morning.

Today I’ve just got half a day’s work to do then I’m looking after bubs while my girlfriend gets her hair done. Hoping to get a good walk in that might just happen to go past my favourite record store.

Then tomorrow our parents are meeting for the first time after 6 years in a relationship. We both feel like we should be more nervous than we are but I think with a baby in the room there’s a good focus of conversation if one’s needed.


Very tired. Working until midnight and getting up with the kids is not fun.

Another full day of interviewing and assorted gubbins. Weekend off. Can’t wait.

Gonna get up and eat breakfast, might mix it up and have porridge.

Goong to see a band play Heaven or Las Vegas this eve. At the tennis all day tomorrow.

Sunday,lunch with local disser and baby :baby:

Hey hey party people!

Peanut butter on toast for breakfast, school run shortly, then an ECG at the docs this morning

Tonight though, I notch up one more gig seeing one of my favourite bands. Apparently tonight I’ll have seen Saint Etienne 25 times!