Friday AM Happy Time

Yeah, I’m starting it now, because I can’t sleep for shit.

Anyway, I didn’t think I could love Fiona Apple any more, and then I saw this:

Happy Friday everyone.


Is this a new earliest ever submission for a daily thread?

Can someone check the archives?

Really nice bright day today. Some weird politics going on in my team at the moment which is feeling a bit divisive. Feel a bit stuck in the middle of it, which is a bit shit but I guess also means I can be the peacekeeper. Office politics is such bollocks though isn’t it?

Got a pal visiting later today, gonna get drunk (hopefully for cheap because I’m brassic).

Just off to work. Today is my Thursday as I’m working tomorrow. Hopefully today is a much better day than yesterday. Lots of new releases to listen to today, namely the new Do Make Say Think.


So very, very tired again. 3 of us in at work to do the work of 4. Not much more to say other than uuuuurrrrghhh

At least I get an extra 45 mins in bed tomorrow.

At work. Finish at 10pm :sob: but headed to London for the weekend to visit friends/sister, and have new Wavves, Alex G, Do Make Say Think and an episode of Cum Town to listen to on the train. Going to be such a good journey.

Good vid. Imagine being Chris Thile and basically being one of the best musicians alive and getting to work with whoever you wanted whenever you wanted.

So tired. Was tempted to pull a sickie but I haven’t.

Last day at work until the 2nd if June today, yesssssssszz


Half day at work!

Morning all!

I have to interview some new students between 1-2 but that’s the only real work I’m doing today. Mostly I’ll be preparing for my job interview on Monday.

No real weekend plans but I might go to the gym, a food festival or a demonstration in George Sq depending on the weather.

Starting work at 8.30, gonna be a 12hr day i reckon. Dreading it. ;; Havent been paid either so cant afford to do fuck all this weekend. --

Can’t think of anything I’ve got on this weekend. Might clean the iron.

My irons looking a bit mockit now you come to mention it

Mornin folks,
Busy wee day ahead, not much tonight then off to Leeds tomorrow to go see the cribs :+1:


I love the cribs. Am pretty jealous Lopes.

Got TWO job interviews today. Stressed to the maximums…

Then can’t even do relaxing weekend as it is Ronnie’s 10th birthday so off to Doctor Who land then out for dinner then more stuff on Sunday.
Remember posting his birth announcement on the old DiS, been here too long!


TV is away so I am gonna do some serious gaming this evening. Body is in a world of pain after climbing yesterday evening - not in that good “oh yeah I exercised” sort of way; more of a “I should have left an hour earlier” sort of way.

Off into shared office space again. Will see if I can build on saying hello to Graham and Des earlier in the week!

Positive thoughts, Slicky!

This afternoon you will run faster (or something…)

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New Alex G is good. Listened to that instead of DMST on the way in

Good luck with your interviews! You’ll do great!


thanks! i have been saying that to myself all week :slight_smile:
I am now over Monday and ready to ROCK