Friday and all that

Alright? Another grey old day here. Off to work in a minute then to Ma and Pa Funkhouser’s for dinner later so that’ll be nice. Have a pleasant Friday everyone, except [redacted] of course.

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Alright. Realised I’m into a 6 day week because of childcare issues. So that’s nice. Day 2. Today will be shite, because every day is shite atm. Incredible tired as well. Moan moan

Off to Wales for the weekend.


Aight ma chicas and chicos

Bit of a full work day ahead so that I can maybe finish early to get to a matinee of Book of Mormon before the run finishes tomorrow. Nothing like being well organised!

Wish I had a croiss :croissant:


Woke up at 4am to a message from my instructor saying he’s rang in sick cos he’s done his back in. So an unexpected day off it is.

Was a slight temptation to get up and go out on the bike anyway but saw sense and rolled over and went back to sleep for another 3 hours.

Will take the dogs for a walk, pop to the shops and maybe go for a little mooch around on the bike if it stays dry.


Slept like a twat last night.

Loads of meetings today. Thankfully I’m not presenting.

Bit too gung-ho on the Thursday night vino so sore headed this morning. Wife and child have just left so a dog walk and breakfast remain the tasks before i open my laptop. Absolutely chucking it down outside so the dog is nowhere to be seen. Breakfast first then :mushroom:

Absolutely rancid weather this morning. Turns out the kitchen window leaks in heavy rain, very good.

Had some visitors, though.

Took the cat ages to notice they were there.


Absolutely exhausted. Felt like I’d just closed my eyes when I woke up.

Morning all :wave:

WFH today. School run done, now waiting for a haircut. Might pop to Tesco on the way back for some nice lunch bits.

alright, work put on a conference yesterday so I was on my feet #networking all day then got a bit hammered. saw gilles peterson though that was fun.

autechre tonight, will probably fall asleep as soon as the lights go off.

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Pissing it down here, and had a lovely 40 min wait for the bus. The whole time i was fighting the urge to turn around, go home, and stay in bed all day.

Got a black tie dinner tonight with work, which i couldn’t be less amped for. Am hosting the table, and these things are hard yakka when you’re not drinking. Not due to temptation, more boredom as everyone else gets more and more drunk. Also, why on a Friday?!

Went to see alvvays last night who were good.
Slept like shit.
Did some torrenting yesterday was a nice little throw back



Really want an almond crossiant but I’ve no way of getting one, and I’m just going to have to learn to accept that.

It’s my last day working for The Man. Had half a doughnut for breakfast.


Slept terribly, but just had a brilliant pastry. So the scales have been reset. Day off, so watching the new LOTR episode right now. What a life.


Being very lazy this morning and I really need to wash my mane and pack for London and get the cat packed off to his hotel. Really looking forward to some kissing, kissing is the best <3 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Morning all!

Horrible rain in Glasgow today and there’s loads of huge puddle lakes because it’s rained loads this week.

I’m driving Wor Lass’s car to work because mine is still at the garage so they had to walk to school in the rain. I don’t think I’m top of anyone’s nice list currently.

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howdy team,

proper minging morn in glasgow. gonna lay low with my good lady this weekend, just gonna stay in and cook lots and eat lots and drink lots. :slight_smile:


Alright everyone?

Haven’t been daily threading much for a while because I’ve mostly been being ill with the novel coronavirus, but today should be actually interesting for a change.

WFH-ing, then train up to London for Autechre with two pals. Then getting the last train of the day to Gatwick so I can fly up to Glasgow early doors tomorrow to visit my brother, combined with seeing my parents who are also visiting.

First though, work.