Friday and that 17/5

Morning! First day back at work for me since Sunday and I’m really not looking forward to it, there’s a high chance everything in the shop will have moved or been replaced in the 4 days I’ve had off. Sunny here though again and we’re going for a nice walk this evening so it’s not all bad. How are your Fridays shaping up?

Morning Funkopop.

No real plans today. Work, then I might go out after work or I might not.

Will listen to the new Carly Rae Jepsen, I know that much.

Feel completely drained of energy. Gonna cancel some meetings.

Going to give it a go on the way to work in a minute :smiley:

Hey Mr FunkHouse, Mr Juke, Mr Warn and @etc.

Quiet day. Mrs Z was discharged this morning, so taxi back to the hotel and settle in. Watched Bohemian Rhapsody (hell of a performance by Rami Malek) and played some FM. Start work in about half an hour, so got some noodles (sans soup this time) being delivered to the room.


Hope Mrs Z is ok pal.

Gooooooood morning DiS.

Haven’t posted in a daily thread in a while. Hope that you’re all well.

I ate too much garlic last night. It is seeping out of every pore. I smell delightful.


Yeah, doing good thanks. Recovering really well.


Last day in work today, so it’ll either be completely dead or completely mental

Really can’t be arsed.
Running 30 minutes late for work because of trains. Have a bit of a hangover and am just pissed off.

At least I can leave at 2

Do I!


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Am conducting job interviews today. Always a fun job for a Friday. Got leftover Thai green curry for tea though, so that’s something to look forward to :slight_smile:

Got a hell of an earworm at the moment. Specifically the “dah dah dadada dah” bit

Just had a conference call with our office in Australia. Absolute GBOLs over there.

Today’s plan -

Get through the morning
Go and buy the new National album
‘Work from home’
Listen to the new National album
Listen to the new Carley Rae Jepsen album
Go and see WH Lung

Pretty pretty good.


I’d buy this album

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as if The National have a song called ‘Rylan’



WFH today and docs to get my head read this morning.

Out for dinner with my daughter to celebrate end of SATs week this evening and then finish a Ken Loach film I started watching when I couldn’t sleep last night.



Got a ball-ache of a task to do at work all day, but as soon as I’ve blown this joint I’m picking up my new overdrive pedal from the post office, ordering a massive pizza, and not leaving the house until Monday.

Love Rylan. There was a great Grayson Perry show about identity which he was on talking about how exhausting it was playing Rylan all the time. Convinced that with Joey Essex, he’s one of the finest method actors of our time.

fucks sake you had me worried there

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