Friday and that

Not sure I’m authorised to do a DAY thread but here I am.

I really just wanted to say - this week has gone really really fast for me. Like stupid fast to the point where I think something is up with the matrix or something.

Anyone else feel that?

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Just poured a full coffee completely down myself while opening the door to leave the cafe. Perfect start to the day eh.


Today I will mostly be negotiating my exit from my current job and virtually attending a court hearing

It’s a conversation starter for the rest of the day.

“That big stain? yeah coffee! what am I like?! :crazy_face:” repeat ad nauseum

the fast week thing tho? anyone?

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On my way to Liverpool plays Back to My Roots.

Really do need to do some work there today though rather than skip about looking for nice bits of sculpture.

Obviously going to fit in a trip to the scouse nana cafe no matter what.


Yeah fast week for me too. Quite happy for January to get gone asap though.

Woke up early so headed out for my walk earlier than usual, was absolutely beautiful when I got out.

Also means I made it to the pond in time to see the birds having breakfast before they all go to work (? idk what they get upto)


I wish we had greylag geese in Manchester instead of the Canadian lads having the monopoly on the place.


Yeah they seem the most chill (as chill as geese can be) - bit of a turf war between canadian (noisy, aggy) and Egyptian (beautiful but terrifying) round here.

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The dickhead geese we have already are enough thank you.

The greylags are cool though, we need to entirely replace our geese with them, plus they look like story book animals. Canadian geese look like they’ve got flick knives.

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About to take the dog for a quick walk.

Got another house viewing later this morning.

Going to have a bath this afternoon.

That is what I will be doing today.

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Nah Candian Geese are sound. It’s those White ones you want to watch out for got chased down the Rochdale Canal by a group as a child. Where my hatred of geese began.

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Ha exactly. It wasn’t a ‘spilled’ either, it was ‘poured’ - I could hear the glugging of coffee going down my sleeve.

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Any chance of gardening leave?

Plan A is redundancy with pay in lieu of notice. I think they’ll screw me out of that by finding a lateral move somewhere that I could take but don’t want. If that happens I’ll be speaking to an employment lawyer.

Plan B is to point out that my new employer operates in the same area as the old one (sort of…) and to push for gardening leave for that reason. It’s in my contract.

Plan C is to do nothing for three months.


I find Canada geese very intimidating. Get rid.

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Might go to Nando’s today.


Plan A is harder for the company to do than you might think. Fingers crossed. Can you buy me a copy of elden ring if it plan a works, thanks in advance


I’ve done the sums, if Plan A works I’ll get you the collectors edition with the statue and helmet