Friday and that

Selfie thread will be good that week


Bit tired after yard act last night. Off to the dentist at 12 and got to do some really boring work before that.

I got redundee’d last week. Three months notice, gotta work til end of Feb and then get pay in lieu for six weeks or so. Hope you get a positive resolution

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I was on the Night Nurse last night, so I slept like a log. Still a bit groggy now tbh.

And then I couldn’t log in remotely when I tried, so I’m just waiting for things to reboot now

Apparently we’re having a loft hatch delivered at some point today!

The fun NEVER stops round here

Reset my alarm this morning approx 1003839282 times. The bf is off today so that must have been nice for him.

Feeling groggy af.

Anyway, going to stick a podcast on and charge through my work.

Looking forward to a vintage market tomorrow :blush:

Horrific farts this morning. Absolutely horrific. Definite “you’re not very well” aura in here now.

Morning all,

Had a massive donut for breakfast so that was nice.

WFH from the sofa today so watching S11 of Bob’s Burgers in the background. Looking forward to takeaway for tea tonight while watching some folk horror.

Weather looks quite pleasant here today, so might go for a stroll at lunch. :slight_smile:

Day off today. Thought I’d finished painting yesterday, but sitting here with coffee and I see sparkle type bits, so guess needs a third coat…they look white in this photo but in fact they are sparkles, is that tiny burst bubbles or something?

Loft Hatch update : delivery has happened

Which is good, because now we can leave the house without fear that we’re missing a delivery

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Looks like pockets where the paint hasn’t seeped in. I notice them on our walls every so often. The bf did the main roller painting part so I scowl at him whenever I notice them :laughing:

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By some miracle managed to get up and out early, going on a daytrip to visit a very old friend in the countryside. Looks like it’s going to be a nice day for a walk followed by a couple of PINTS and some pub grub. :ok_hand: happy friday all.

a couple of interesting :person_facepalming:

Yep think you’re right, third coat it is. It would bug me all the time otherwise and I’d only have myself to scowl at!

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Kind of sounds like you’re angling for witness protection here

I’m not not angling for witness protection

Morning all.

Smudge appears to be back to full health again.

Lots of work to do, some of it with a deadline of today. But can I get started? Can I bollocks.

had a @ColossalHorse special last night - slept pretty early, didn’t drink much, was productive yesterday so should have felt nicely rested … instead I get garbage night’s sleep


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That’s exactly what someone angling for witness protection would say

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The words of a man who knows where the checks notes misplaced commas are buried, and is happy to squeal to save himself.


We’re off today and fogot to unset my alarm which hopefully gf has forgot about now

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Aha! Finally found the dog chasing a squirrel tree sculpture in the park.

Been looking for it for ages.