Friday and weekend football thread

Big clash between the hammers of east London and the seagulls of Brighton tonight. Home win for me.

Relatively uninspiring Saturday apart from city labouring to a nervy 9-0 win at home to burnley. Decent Sunday only sullied by the old farm derby.

European football will be pretending to exist.

Sorry it’s early but something had to be done about that mess

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Tricky fixture for Wolves (hopefully)
Really want to pants Boro because of their embarrassing spending habits

Who we reckon’s going to get promoted from Europe’s most exciting league, the championship, of course!

Mate you seen the #SHOTSFIRED that’s been going on this week?

Peak small-time rivalry if you ask me

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It’s got to be Fulham or Cardiff for me!


Really good stuff that

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Let’s talk about MANCHESTER UNITED!

Really looking forward to tomorrow. Got a feeling some of the live games will be belters.

I’ll be watching…

Chelsea v Watford
City v Burnley
Valencia v Sevilla
Napoli v Inter

Ipswich v Norwich
Everton v Arsenal
Spurs v Liverpool
Marseille v PSG


to be fair this is easily the most relevant old farm match since the playoff semis (which admittedly weren’t that long ago) but there’s a renewed vigour because they’re not been shite yet this season and we assumed we would be walking back to the prem last year. Plus if we beat them we’d potentially go into the playoffs and put a clear 4 points between us which is always nice.

For the first time in months I’m quietly confident.

I really wished I’d got tickets for Newcastle, I’ve no excuse really as I’ve loads of family in the north east and i could have stayed with my cousin in Newcastle.

After saying that. Home win.

Thank you for that

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De Klassieker on Sunday.

(I actually think Wolves will go up and am expecting Boro to turn it around and join them in the automatic places for some reason)

not sure anyone watched the Arsenal game yesterday, but Wilshire looked good…really good.

he has MILES more ability than any other English CM’er, so here’s hoping he gets his shit together for next summer


Crvena Zvezda

Going to throw it out there, City v Burnley is not going to be a belter.


Worthing v Hendon tomorrow.

Bottom vs top.

Worthing yet to win any game this season.

Home banker. Seriously, mark it down on your coupons, folks. I’ve seen this one before.

Neither is it televised, chief.

well done man, well done