Friday Banal 2 Good 2 Bad

:+1: had a lovely lunch with @laika today
:-1: now CBA to finish off the work I need to do today

:-1: weather is absolutely minging
:+1: just got notification of a £93 train ticket rebate from Virgin when I never even paid for the original ticket :+1::+1::+1::+1:

2 good 2 bad from today, plus any Friday afternoon snacking you might be doing.


:+1: didn’t soil myself (literally or figuratively) in my appraisal
:-1: my office currently smells like a stable

:-1: there’s no snacks and I’m really hungry
:+1: it’s only going to make tonight’s pizza taste even more delicious


:+1: last class of the radio project at school I put together. can´t say its been as successful as I´d hoped, but we got through it.
:-1: a student owes me money and they´ve gone awol

:+1: got two friends coming to stay for the weekend
:-1: they want to go to some national park tomorrow and I CBA.


:arrow_up: going to Peru :peru: In September
:arrow_up: also going to Mexico whilst I’ve over there :mexico:
:arrow_down: need to tidy up
:arrow_down: TV moving in tomorrow, which is good, but got to carry a load of stuff in the rain :confused:


Been sick so I’ve not smoked a cigarette all week.

Also getting worryingly into pink Floyd. Even listened to and enjoyed the wall this week, and it’s wank

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Are you machu pichuing?

:+1: Had a great lunch, and I’ve got a white chocolate Lindt bunny for an afternoon snack
:-1: Just had to go out in the rain and wind to get something I left in the car
:+1: Making arrangements with my ATATD about going to the football tomorrow
:-1: Only 2.5 days of my 2 weeks off left. Starting to get the first signs of dread.


Yeah :slight_smile: doing the Inca trail (group decision)

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:ireland: shuffled around a couple of art galleries with my wife on my lunchbreak
:ireland: seeing some very old friends tonight for thai tapas in Wimbledon

:uk: having an early lunch has extended this afternoon tenfold, when will it end?!
:uk: meeting an ex-colleague after work for a couple of brief pints which is great but the venue she’s chosen is a spoons.


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Spoons? What? Why?

:+1: it’s Friday and I’m meeting up with one of my bffs tonight
:-1: just remembered I still haven’t booked the unpleasant doctors appt I need to book.

:+1:I have so many fun plans, I don’t have a totally free weekend until June and that’s filling up fast too.
:-1: gets a bit overwhelming having so many plans and no free weekends I feel bad for not being able to make time for everyone and everything and it always seems to fall to me to organise our social calendar
…and our spare room is just never getting sorted is it?

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:negative_squared_cross_mark: burned my mouth on hot coffee this morning
:white_check_mark: leaving office early (now)
:negative_squared_cross_mark: shit weather all weekend so can’t do anything fun
:white_check_mark: did i mention i’m finished for the day


Yeah my plans tomorrow are involving a spoons too so I feel your pain. Closest pub to the ground and I’m on a budget though innum.

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I dunno man, she chose it, I’m there for an hour so I didn’t want to start chewing her ear off.

Book it! Now!

Gutted for you

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GOOD: Got an amazing job offer to start in aug/sept
BAD: its not in London

GOOD: Front squat 280pounds/ 127kilo x 5
BAD: GF is away tonight and weekend - first weekend ive had off in ages and I wanted to chill with that cool person


Snack time

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2good, the snacks
2bad, brexit mug and only had skimmed milk left

+just ate some chocolate belvita
+just ate some go ahead yoghurt breaks

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