Friday banal: biscuit edition


Anyone here not like biscuits?

Well, get outta my thread then.

Lidl’s chocolate Hobnob ripoffs are better than the real thing, don’t you know?

I’m very bored.

Fox’s biscuits.

They are all-conquering. There is no biscuit that could beat any Fox’s biscuit in a crunch-off.

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Fig rolls are :100:

Absolutely fantastic consistency.

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Jar in my office of jammie dodgers is getting pretty stale but I’m still ploughing through them like an absolute trooper.

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fig rolls

  • so great
  • no thank you

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Sainsbos chocolate and hazelnut cookies (biscuit aisle, not fresh) are pretty great imo.

Happily inhale a tin to myself most Christmases

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Dark chocolate digestives >> other biscuits.

Weird, I was just drawing a pink wafer.

EDIT: I fucking love biscuits by the way.

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Jacob’s fig rolls are amazing (as are Boland’s). The others, not so much.

Just had these. 5/10. Would not recommend over Maryland

Did your primary school think 2 pink wafers constituted a reasonable dessert? Mine did.


Haha, no… they’re good but they’re not that good. Poor show ruffers primary school.

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Biscuits with a hot drink. you dippin’?

  • Dip Life
  • Dry Life

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woah there caligula, which drink and which biscuit?


green tea & a wagon wheel


oh i’m eric I wonder what sort of hot drink I have

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good impression I’m sure you’ll agree

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i exclusively drink tea after 5pm

prefer a jam cream myself