Friday Banal/dodgy thread

One of the things I like to do when bored is look at listings on local Craigslist or Gumtree pages for the clearly dodgiest listing. Today I am torn between:

And the slightly subtler:

Number 2 sounds a bit

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Except they very notably are advertising only to women.


I’m on the phones until 5.30pm today :expressionless:

Need tea.

Anyone been to new york in mid january?

I’m going for work and going to spend the weekend there before but what the hell can you do when its like minus 5 out?

But they are experienced, professional and have been CRB checked. What could possibly be shady about any of it?

Beer jacket

i went when it was cold once (feb I think) - ice skating in the park with snow all around was nice

we mainly just did the normal tourist stuff but with coats and scarves on

I’m waiting for my car to be serviced and trying to drink the showroom’s espresso machine dry.

I’ve been fawning over the Giulia Quadrifoglio they’ve got on show in the hope they’ll offer me a test drive but don’t think it’s working.

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i’ve been in mid february and it was fine

so to answer your question: dunno

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I’ve been there in late January, christ it was cold. We went for nice walks up on the high line and went for lots of amazing food

Sounds about right. My friend is going to be meeting me out there for the weekend and it’s her birthday so I suspect we’ll mostly be eating vegan food and looking at stuff

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has anyone noticed the change in colour scheme on google maps? it seems the colours are far more similar now. imagine it’s not great for colourblind folk

yes it’s fucking shit

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“Hi, I’m interested in that car, can I have a test drive please?” should do the trick.

I’ve just been to a lessons learnt session and learnt nothing except for the etymology of the word ‘learnt’ which I was already pretty well aware of.

can’t say i have tbh

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it’s the past tense of the word ‘learn’

in case anyone else was curious

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I feel you. Having a very gloomy hangover.

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