Friday banal for ghostpony

So… scones, eh? What are those about?


not seen dog shit on the pavement for ages

not even just white dog shit, just in general!

I saw some in the park the other day.

not a pavement

There is a big dog (NOT Tim Westwood) that lives down the road. Shits where he wants. Mostly on our road

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can imagine Tim Sherwood dropping a turd on hia neighbours front doorstep


got a tiny bit of dry skin on my left little finger.

Genuinely don’t understand why some people get excited about them. They’re just shit bread rolls.

Probably better than most of the turds he drops, hey? HEY?

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I feel the same way about hot cross buns.

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Oh. Same thing.

Told a tale on you

Mmm buttered hot bread roll.

Dog shit?!


Sorry. I had scones for breakfast this morning, is all.

waiting for the women that works next door to leave so i can steal her milk

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They weren’t very good.

I had a chocolate digestive earlier. That’ll do. I had scampi for lunch and will of course be having pizza for dinner, so I really don’t need any more food today or arguably tomorrow.

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