Friday banal

Come on then, let’s do this.

i love canadian geese

did you know in china there are police geese?

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I’ve had a jolly old time today.

I walked past a house called Garfield House, and sat on the doormat outside was a cat.

I saw like fifty alpacas.

An emu let me pat its head.

Gone for a pint now.

Friday. Penge.

Went for a sit-down chippy lunch with work, full on carb coma now. Someone said I looked like Jim Morrison though which has topped off my neediness quota for the day.
Got a date at half 8 mmm nervous.

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I’m very ready for the weekend. Seeing house number 14 tomorrow and then my wife’s away to photograph a wedding leaving me with the flat to myself. Going to drink wine and watch sport.

Really could go for a pint. Wonder if the TV will want to meet me on the way home for lycra pints?


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watching the giro. not doing any work.

last 10km

what’s happening? come on G!

sprint stage, all bunched

sprint finish stage. they’re still all together. looking like it’s between gaviria & caleb ewan.

Sat in a lounge in Milan Linate (Thanks BA points!) waiting for my now delayed flight home. Have free wine though.

Listening to latest mixes of band’s recordings to make sure I’ve given all the necessary feedback on what needs attention.


and griepel


Exciting. Deets?

this went so well in the past

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was trying to work out what happened to him. hadn’t heard him getting a mention. must be there somewhere.

Friend of a friend who’s just moved back here from Russia and we hit it off. She managed to knock some eggs off a kitchen counter when we first met and our conversations are mainly me being annoying about that.
It’s an eggsellent ice breaker. Cracking, some might say.

yeah the whole of lotto has gone missing, assume hes working an angle on someone elses train

ah no hes there in the middle of the front

800W on the front of the peloton. kin hell.