Friday Banal!

  1. Pissed off with Nandos for the second time in as many visits, they’ve left in the halloumi or the mayo when i’ve asked for it to be removed from my mushroom pita to make it vegan. This time I ate half of it tho :cry:

  2. What sweet treat do you have for this afternoon? I’ve got a crosstown doughnut

  3. How long til you can go home? I’m gonna try to nip off at 3:30.

  4. My newsletter recieved positive feedback from everyone apart from the HR lady who thought it was weird and didn’t get the jokes.

It’s fine, HR people aren’t really human anyway.

I have a call in two minutes that I’m in no way prepared for. Too late to do anything about it now, so it’s improvising time!


June through August is Frozen Friday at work. Free chocolate Feast, Magnum, Callipo, Cornetto or Fruit Loop for everyone. That’s my treat for the afternoon.

  1. That is fucking shit :frowning:

  2. I am currently eating a small pack of dried fruit from Aldi, when it’s gone that’s it. Probably get a pizza for dinner so that’s fine.

  3. 5pm for me, christ

  4. Can we see the newsletter?

AOB: I am really sleepy. Don’t normally have coffee in the afternoons but might have to here.

My lonesome weekend is shaping up okay now I think but the rain forecast for tomorrow afternoon needs to fuck off sharpish.

Dried fruit ain’t a treat ffs

LOL no you can’t see it.

I had an event that I wrote about it in but i wasn’t there so I asked someone to take pictures for me which they took one shit pic so I wrote “I sent my photographer to take pictures of the event and this was all I got so I will fill the rest of the space with this stock picture of a cat”
and the HR lady was like “why is there a picture of a cat there?”


I like one around now. I will have one with my doughnut I think.

  1. Wankers. Are you vegan for moral or dietary reasons?
  2. Just ate my custard tart, but if I can scrape together the cash I’ll hurl something else down me soon. Probably a Twix.
  3. 2 hours and 54 minutes. Seems a long time in those terms.
  4. Go on, let’s see it.

I just massively fucked up and sent a man in Germany his business cards to the wrong address. It’s the office address (in Munich), and he wanted them sent to his home (in Bremen), but he needs them now. Shit.

HR lady sounds like a dull tit.

I totally glazed over the “treat” part – I had some cake this morning, mac and cheese for lunch and the pizza for dinner is probably more than enough for treats so I am okay with that I think. I do have Twixes in my locker so might have one of those if I get desperate I guess.

This is quite funny, clearly the woman doesn’t understand humour.

just had a pasty :taco:
bought a book about the festina affair :bike::syringe:
gunna go for a beer after work :beers:
gunna see Hounds of love tonight :dog: :heart: :cinema:

best type of donut, tbh

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  1. That’s well annoying.

  2. Nothing, I’m trying to be good :frowning: My team has declared our desks a junk free zone.

  3. 6.30pm. I hate the hours here more than anything. And today I can’t even drink to numb the last couple of hours.

  4. Jokes can be tricky. But so can anything. I write emails for a list of hundreds of thousands of people. I wrote one recently which started with a rhetorical “If you meet John Smith today, you’ll meet a man who…” and I got more than one response saying “I have not agreed to meet this man today, please cancel.” :neutral_face:

Maybe THAT guy was being sarcastic.

It’s possible, but out of that many people, you’re bound to have some who are just really, really confused (and ones who write lengthy diatribes telling me not to email them again, rather than just clicking the very obvious unsubscribe link).

Meeting was fine, but I’m a bit worried I got my mute/unmute pattern wrong and may have loudly burped down the phone at people.

Still, Friday, eh?

Christ it’s a bit slow on here this afternoon, innit?

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be the change you want to see on the boards

would quite like some chocolate tbh