Friday banal


how long til beer?
any snack action this afternoon?

i’m at home waiting for someone to collect some shelves, might have a nap tbh.


on my second cup of chamomile tea.



I’ve got a probably stale donut I’m about to eat


what kinda donut are we talking here?


Meant to be going to a couple of different nights tonight but seriously can’t be arsed with either, just wanna bury my head for a bit


couple of hours till beer

not hungry yet - but will almost certainly get a twix or something


warm it up a bit


lidl chocolate frosted 29p donut



work is so bloody busy, why are people calling up on a Friday afternoon ffs


i woke up at 2 in the afternoon, saw the news and was all


should i go and see

  • mother!
  • wind river

0 voters


take mother to see wind river, problem solved


Incredible autocorrect error from an ATD.



seriously flagging might go have a coffee


seeing as how every single person said mother! i’ve bought a ticket for the other one.



Yeah this worked lads, heading home. Have a lovely weekend all.


good enough for me.



update: had a nap

might have a cup of tea and some biscuits now


Somebody’s bought a 3-pack of Jaffa Cakes so inhaled about half a packet while the kettle boield