Friday Banal?

Talk to me

I am so bored.

Have done hardly any work today and have eaten far far too much chocolate.


Just got a snotty email from a cunt/client who is moaning about the company costing him a sale when it’s mostly his fault. Can’t be arsed to reply

prolly gonna go home early

bank holiday on monday yay

I’ve done a shitload of work and now I’m counting down the minutes.

Really want a pizza tonight but it’s not happening.

Just having lunch

want some chrisps i think

i’ve spelt crisps with a h up there for some reason, but i think i’ll just leave it in

Done fuck all work this week. It’s been great.

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1 whole hour to go and then 2 weeks off.


tru fax

think it’s a glasgow thing



I blame all of you.

@japes Any hills this weekend? What has been your favourite hill so far?

Extra day to recover after the Old Firm derby?

Are those cinnamon sticks you got floating in your cereal?

just sat here working on some music. wife gets home about 5:30, gonna go out for noodles and a couple beers then home for masterchef final. in bed by 10 hopefully. #friday

Done nothing today. Been great.

pub in an hour for a couple
then mates house for films, food and booze. :+1:

22 minutes until I can stop this pretence of work

I’m still eating it, don’t make me feel sick!
They are chocolate. Bit much tbh

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Whenever you mention going to bed early a part of me feels a little sad. Its like when you go out for a night out with someone and they tell you they’re driving.

I don’t know… It’s my problem. It’s good to go to bed early. Haha!

Yes, exactly ^this. I bought a £1 “share” bag of M&Ms on special offer to get some change, and I’ve eaten about three quarters of them.