Friday banal

Bought four lines for tonight’s MEGA Euromillions.

Doing any work this afternoon?

  • yes
  • no

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I should, but also I wanna book some LEJOG hotels, so :woman_shrugging:

I’m getting my annoying tasks done so I can do the “fun” task I’ve been saving especially for Friday afternoon.

Nearly ready to get started on my big spreadsheet collating various things that are disclosed in 30 or so different patents. Excited.

checks watch

don’t want to but I need to - got calls and an interview this PM. Just want to get ouuuuuuut

Getting coked up before you know you’ve won? Confident

It’s not even 2!

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working on a thing about wheelchair basketball and someone just said in a really matter of fact way ‘it used to be called murderball’ and it’s absolutely done me in. got the friday afternoon weirdness setting in.

Just pulled out a very satisfying eyebrow hair. Afternoon has peaked early.

ooh there’s a new pub opening in Sydenham today (@anon82218317) and so that’s what we’re doing tonight appazas

fuck! didn’t mean to offend your e-rank, m9

Only working for another hour and a half. Unfortunately then I’ve got to drive to London to stay with the gf’s mate and her annoying husband so we can go to some impromptu wedding celebrations tomorrow. It’s alright, it’s not like I had a day of football, ale and noisy bands in small rooms planned or anything. Sigh.




Long not-very-interesting story short - the couple are getting married for visa reasons (they live together so it’s not a sham marriage or anything, just a lot quicker than they’d planned) so they were having a quickie wedding with no celebrations. Until last week, after I’d made my wonderful plans. Which were obviously far more important than celebrating the union of two lovely people. Far more important.

A mere 20 months till our big day. Stress levels: already high.



Do they also love each other or is it purely for visa reasons?



They love each other. It’ll probably be a lovely night. But can it really compete with watching Barry Town FC followed by a trio of weird noise bands? Can anything?


End of September for me. So.much.admin

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