Friday banal

What websites are on your Chrome home page thinger?

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Quite possibly the most boring possible spread (last one work related so [redacted])

Few food bits, few cycling bits.

Hopefully finishing at 3 then off to the brewery for Friday beerz and a nap.

shortly going to be entering a curry coma, deeply regretting not getting a posh coffee while i was out. got to spend the afternoon editing a thing with some kind of really grating kids music on it. ffffuuu.

dunno why i’ve replied to rich, there


Just want today over with really, got quite a nice weekend planned full of tasty business.

Gotta cycle in my kitchen tonight and then make loads of Oliver sound effects during the making of this:

No explanation, just vote, please.

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Don’t use Chrome in work but it is on my machine so here you go.

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Fuck all work to be doing until five at which point I have to go to the library and restring five guitars. Only one of them is a classical guitar thank FUCK.

this has cracked me up, guess i’ve got the friday afternoon giggles

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Saw Isle of Dogs last night and didn’t think much of it. What does everyone else think

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was “alright”

having to watch a bunch of stuff like this at work

imagine how much of a bleak existence that must be (for the adults)

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I’ve spent the week reading the whole of the 2,500-post Last Jedi thread. Much more enjoyable than the film.

I need to think about my life.