Friday banal


Pretty much done my work for the day. Really need to finish my PDR form but cba.

Got Stop Making Sense on. Least controversial opinion ever: s’pretty good innit?

Checks watch

Had a super stressful morning but on the flip side it’s actually made the day go pretty quickly? Looking forward to a beer

Can I just say how proud I am of everyone that we don’t have a May the Fourth day thread, far less one that’s descended into people posting a bunch of Star Trek pictures? Because I am.

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That isn’t canon. GTFO.

Someone hasn’t seen the Special Special Special edition of ROTJ.

Watching a GDPR webinar


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First Friday of the glorious flexitime revolution. Get to fuck off in an hour. An hour!


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Just had to register with the ICO and pay £35 for the pleasure too

Technically my contracted hours are shorter on a Friday but I ignore it so don’t actually know what they are.

Might decide it’s… half three. Yeah. That sounds right.

Yeah but the number of weird threads has gone way up recently so swings and roundabouts.

Got some matcha green tea mikado.


I keep clicking on the fucking snooker thread because it’s got a number in a blue circle next to it. No.

4/20 is the only date that means anything to me

I bought my gopro to work to clear up the memory card before our big trip so i’m just putting together a quick video from Lisbon even though I only have like 40 mini clips cause I spent 2 days indoors shitting and vomitting so obvs didn’t film that…

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The fourth of next August?

I got new business cards yesterday. They’re rubbish.

Not sure why I’m telling you this.

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it’s gonna be huge