Friday banal

Same, to the point of overthinking stuff and getting irrationality grumpy with people. DISTRACT ME DiS!

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Please don’t kill any prostitutes tonight. Or any night/day.

Saw that edit in real time. Brilliant stuff. well done Balonz. Good advice.

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We say “sex workers” these days.

Vintage Ian. What’s he like, eh?

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Oh he’s found a loophole. Off killing then are you?

I just had a very long nap and I really don’t want to get out of bed.

Fucking hell, mate, what’s wrong with a good old British garden?


What’s everyone doing over the bank holiday?

The only thing I’m planning on slaying this weekend is some HOT Pizza.

Did he warm to you? What did you order?

Playing a gig in Bury St Edmunds aka Rock City
Having a BBQ
Spending Monday indoors mixing our album :frowning:

What about u SD?


It’s the world championships of my nerdy card games on Sunday, so watching that until 4 in the morning, then on Monday going to the pub all day to practice for playing in the European championships of the other nerdy card game I play.

This post is indistinguishable from parody.

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I’d like to buy a really nice three seater bench.

I’m charging a bike light and I think it’s fucked because it’s been charging for hours and still says it ain’t done :thinking:

This could be a problem at 2am in the countryside.

Ahh, ballet…


Epimer can dispose of his own bodies.

Got really excited about this until



Sellotape your phone to your forehead.

Want a carrot?