Friday banal

Forgot to make my coldbrew and I don’t think overnight is a long enough time for it to work properly

what’ve you got?
any snacks planned?

Got one of these left, hopefully mine are in date though lol.

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Got to say, Jezza, they look immense

Someone brought some Lotus biscuits into the office earlier this week. Love a good foreign biscuit. Often tempted by the silly section in spennos where they have all of for like £5 a packet

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They’re absolutely wonderful but I’ve already had one and I can still feel the sugar coarsing through my veins.

Get well soon gp!

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i made cold brew when i got in at 11.30pm last night :sunglasses:

should be PERF for when i get in

got very tired eyes

EDIT: snacks - just had my last toffee crisp

First mention in the office of the royal wedding! Can’t believe it took so long. We’re back to stony silence now

just had a kinder bueno

Did you not see my bunting?!

WFH so just put some chips in the oven for me and mr meo

he likes the chips but won’t admit to being a chip person

I always wave a thank you when traffic stops at a zebra crossing, but never at a red light. Why

Got a bottle of rhubarb and ginger gin to smash tonight

Got this and will make a cup of tea in a minute.

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I just went down to check it out. Did you get any heat for it? Quick straw poll revealed people were dead against it

What kind of biscuit should I make? Nothing too fancy please. I’ve made quite a lot of choc chip cookies recently and I need a change.

what about homemade ginger snaps?

Not really but then I just boss people into doing these things without having much of a say in it.

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I still don’t ‘get’ cold brew

god im so bored

me too and the boss with the authority to release us early has a face like thunder

still, got the cycle home to look forward to