Friday banal


An hour and fifty three minutes left.

Just had a Fox’s Jam n Cream and a dark choc digestive. With tea.

Also got an apple mini Soreen.

Got a pile of work but cba.

One hour and 15 minutes to go before I can go to my favourite pub and meet my pal and drink beer and go see New Order.


I went home already.

I have a meeting at 4pm - which I arranged. WTF was I thinking?!

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Oh dear oh dear

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Oof that sounds like a great Friday.

Today has felt looong I won’t lie.


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On the bright side, at least I had the forethought to make the meeting place a cafe. I am going to eat all of the cake.

Same. Except I can at least blame time zones for it, but still.

going gym.


i’m sorry but you can’t just leave like that, there are rules

Solidarity :fist:

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I’m having a second doughnut to get me through the prep.

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I need to lose neck weight cause the shirt that work bought me is hurting my neck.

Anyone got any afternoon treats like a bunch of snackheads? Got a lemon and sultana Danish from M&S.

been eating loads of vanilla fudge

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I beg your pardon?


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