Friday banal


Last time I used one was in Sicily which I believe is technically part of Italy.


if I make fresh coffee, I always use a coffee maker on the stove. why do people bother with any other method? there’s absolutely no difference in taste.


haha mug


no no no


look what you’ve done






Oh @profk!


:watch: :eyes:


Places it’s all kicking off: East Chesterton. A gardening truck and a lorry are currently blocking Fen Road because they’ve both tried to go past a row of parked cars and neither is refusing to budge. There was lots of shouting and swearing from the gardening van, and a poker face from the lorry man.

(Fyi: the gardening truck was in the wrong as the obstruction was on their side of the road).




I was going to @ you but then I saw you were already home and ignoring the chip van.


just found a job i might like to apply to

send your cv blah blah blah and “a short video” to blah blah



Does it say it needs to be a video of you? Could send a dog video from YouTube instead. Soft bribery.