Friday Banal


If you could be doing anything else right now, what would it be?

I’d be on a rollercoaster at a theme park.

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in bed

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And tell me about your snacks, obviously

shagging and/or eating a richmond sausage buttie with real butter


In a bed cuddling my gf.

Annoying how all my queries at work seem to get answered at 4pm on Friday innit

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2 birds, one stone (post)


i should have bought some snacks, i should have prepared better

want some chapatis now thanks @bugduv

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If I could be doing anything else right now it’d be cleaning out my nose with a salt water and baking powder solution.

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Do it and film it and post it in this thread please

Lying in bed watching some shite or playing Zelda. There might be pizza involved too.

No snacks.

I like how most people’s choices are pretty mundane and achievable. No ones said on a yacht in the Caribbean draped in supermodels.

  • i’d watch jez pour shit up his nose
  • i would not watch jez pour shit up his nose
  • i would really try not to click on it but i’d end up clicking on it and regretting it

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Just necking a coffee with a shot of hazelnut Soplica. bouts to move on to the frizzante in a moment or so. Might get regrettably rare tonight.

If i could be doing owt else, it’d probably involve turtles, the sea, swimming, cocktails, cricket and a choice selection of people I like.

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Be on my way to the LME @bodyinthethames meat


Just had to look up how to reverse a sugar crash :woman_facepalming: so no more snacks for now. If I could be doing anything else I would be playing with a dog I reckon.

How were the churros? What did you have?

Hot tub/pizza combo.


You’d be welcome with open arms

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