Friday Banal

Haven’t done one of these for ages and it’s very slow here today. Might go for a walk up to the pond and back (approx. one minute round trip)

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Thinking about doing the dishes.


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Just going for a wee

Finally got around to installing Spotify on the shop computer so I don’t have to listen to Absolute Radio anymore.

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Are too much at lunch and had a beer. Can’t do any work now my brains gone

Absolute 80s is great to be fair.

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Yeah tbh I rotated all the channels daily and it wasn’t too bad. This is better though, Funkhouser FM all day every day.

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How was it?

Pretty satisfying/10

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Need to go out for oat milk

I went out for a pho lunch, to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

I mean, she wasn’t there - she’s at school. It may have just been an excuse to eat pho.


two beers and a giant portion of fish n chips and i’ll be amazed if i do anything but sleep on my desk for the rest of the afternoon. :sleeping: *hic*

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got cold feet

having a cup of tea and some tony’s chocolonely

Going to take my pasta bowl from lunch out and put it in the dishwasher.

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Have to say without much hyperbole I hate myself and my life.

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got into bed

Also in bed