Friday banal


anyone got anything on their minds?

just remembered that woman on the bus yesterday let her tiny dog (the tiniest of dogs) sit in the only untaken seat assigned for wheelchair users and the disabled/with leg room. i love dogs but wtf. someone got on with crutches and had to go to the back of the bus so they had leg room.


thinking of making a fame academy appreciation thread. know i did a ten year anniversary thing on the old boards.


@xylo @Balonz stop bullying people


i’m in a fighty enough mood to provide light rizla entertainment today. it feels oddly good.


Hi I’m on a plane above… France (?) and I’m on the internet jfc


supposed to be working tomorrow to finish this nightmare job but think i’m just gonna stay here til midnight or however long it takes and be done with it and never look back. fffffffffff.


Think I’m coming down with something.


I only caught odd snippets of the show, but my favourite Fame Academy moment: When Daniel Bedingfield gushed all over Alex Parks while Alistair Griffin looked like a spare part.


that’s terrible. did no one say anything?


btw @everyone

get on the secret santa


yeah but they were like ‘i’m fine, honestly’


really uninspired by all the sandwich shops at the moment. it just all feels so dull.

i want to go full mental and make a raspberry jam and cheddar sandwich or something


Typical Hufflepuff reaction


Have you done the stats we asked yet?


ffs does no one know how to give up a seat? you don’t ask them if they would like it, you just get up and vacate your seat so they can then sit down


Had a friend who used to swear by cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches.



I’m not repulsed by that.

you sometimes get cheese & jam (well, chutney) on a cheeseboard… so there’s sort of a precedent for it?


what a time to be alive


this from the other thread

the program was actually proper sad because one of the woman clearly had a mental health thing like body dysmorphia and she was like “if my boyfriend made me chose between him and getting bum implants, i’d chose the bum implants” :frowning:


I wouldn’t know, I’m not on cheesebook.

Autocorrect just suggested “cheesecake” and FUCKING HELL do I now want some. Might pick one up on the way home, along with a 12 pack of quilted bog roll and some Anusol.