Friday banal

checks watch

I’m listening to 808s and Heartbreaks, I will get a cup of tea in four minutes, I am considering walking from the office to West India Quay instead of getting public transport. Google reckons it’ll take an hour and thirteen minutes but I reckon I can do it in an hour.

gotta go to a SCULPTURE UNVEILING in a bit.

would rather go home and eat burritos tbh

think i’ll go home at 4

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Off to cancel my gym membership.

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By car?

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is there really 53 minutes of this working day left?

Thought about it.

only 15 minutes of mine. And I’m basically waiting around for people to finish work before we go to the pub.

Will this day never end.

Check your privilege! I work till 6.30pm :frowning:

Stop wishing away time!

Still ill. Would be forgiven for thinking the sun didn’t exist at all today. For once in my life, I need a shave. Oh woe.

In other news my dear ol’ Ma is currently getting her first tattoo for her 64th birthday. I know the guys who run the tattoo place in my hometown so got her a discount too :sunglasses:
Bless her

What’s she getting? Wondering if I should finally make the leap on my hop tattoo given my sort of victory yesterday.

The initials of my family’s names and a little design (which I lol’ed at because she’s including her on initial on it somewhere). I beat her to it with a drunken one on my leg, don’t regret it in the slightest. I think if the sentiment behind what you get is genuine then it’s really nothing to be afraid of, go for it man!

christ. would have already been home for half an hour by then.

Just broke the shower. At quarter to five on a Friday. That’s not getting fixed by the lettings agent any time soon, is it.

Fuck SAKE.

Banned act

I can comfort eat without any knowing because I don’t gain weight