Friday before a bank holiday weekend rejoice thread

Sup DiS? Any exciting #BankHolidayWeekend plans?

I am going to have my first weekend at home with the TV and no visitors since… May! Psyched to do not very much really.


Hello! I’m excited that this has started whilst I’m still up. I’m sat round a campfire on a beach and it’s very nice, however the group has just had a huge argument over fireworks and it’s all gone a bit awkward. ‘This is like Brexit all over again’ has just been uttered.

Going :whale: watching tomorrow morning and then :bear: hunting in the afternoon.


Might get an early morning bath in



That scene you’ve painted has both made me chuckle and feel sympathy - I think it probably needs this emoji? :upside_down_face:

What kinda whales are one the cards? Saw some humpbacks once and the scale was just baffling.

:muscle: Any plans after that?

We met a group who did it today who saw killer, humpback and orcas, however they reckoned that they only turned up after several people had thrown up over the side :nauseated_face:

That reads like you’re obliged to vomit to attract them :grimacing:

They’re replacing all the windows on the BBC building, directly across the road from this Airbnb apartment. There’s a big loud crane and lots of loud workers. They were still at it when I got here at half eight yesterday evening.

They finished up at 6.34 am.

I asked for a large coffee in the café nearby just now and the man said they only do one size, would I like two? I think he was joking but I had to think about it.

I’m supposed to be penoiding at a national level this weekend. Not sure I can do 14 games in a row on this little sleep. Side events only today, we’ll see how I get on.

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Vidyagames then meeting a mate for coffee.

Also will think hard about music and make none


I’ll try my best!


Is there some kind of report written up on tournaments like these? Remembering going down a rabbit hole once which led to me reading on the world champs for RFTG which was kinda amazing.

Sometimes the winner will write something up but I don’t think they will for this one - a new banned and restricted list came out last week, but it was too late for this tournament so we’ll by playing in a basically solved metagame. And with a couple of really unfun cards in the pool that were removed in the new list :confused:

Glorified 0s and Xs then, eh?

Yeah, I’m working through the whole weekend and Monday. Yay

Ooft sorry man :cry:

Well, a really great thing about Netrunner is that your in-game decisions (as opposed to pre-game deckbuilding decisions) matter a lot more than in other card games, so it’s not rock/paper/scissors even in polarised matchups.

But I need to be awake to make good decisions.

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Saw Lightning Bolt last night


Was quite muggy out.

Top bants eps

Eid just chill out if I were you