Friday biscuit anagram thread (rolling)



12 is easiest one innit, and 19


got 11


I got 13 first


it occurs to me i know less biscuits than i should


I’m finding it incredible that ingesting thousands of biscuits over the years hasn’t given me the power to immediately solve anagrams of their names.


right? like there must be loads of biscuits that i’ve eaten this year that i can’t recall the names of suddenly


Like, what was the point of even eating them then?


if someone had told me there’d be a quiz i’d have paid more attention!




i’m offended i wasn’t tagged.




you’ll beat us all too quick!


(I don’t like biscuits tbf)




Just assumed you’d have a Google alert set up for “anagram”.


Hmm, I have an idea for 17 but it’s 1 letter out, so not sure if it’s a mistake by the person who made the anagrams or if there really is a different biscuit with such similar letters?

(Just 18 and 20 left to get if my 17 hunch is right.)


Dunno pal, I don’t have the answers, just nicked it off Twitter.


Yeah they’ve made a big error on 17. I think there’s 2 errors. Only 1 n and 2 h’s why?


Yeah that’s the one (I considered one of the Ns being an H to be one error)