Friday bit late for a banal thread


what time you finish work?
what’s for tea tonight?

  • Going ‘out’ out
  • Staying ‘in’
  • Dunno/not sure/cba

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staying in
finish at 6.30/7ish :sob:
think it might be burgers for tea

masterchef is only 30 min tonight ffs


I’ll be out of here at 5.15. No The Who jokes, please.

I’ve got the house to myself tonight so it’s Huel or takeaway, i.e. takeaway. Not sure what. I’m supposed to be up early to go penoiding tomorrow so it shouldn’t be pizza or vindaloo, unless the the LME want to see “man does runny shit on Northern Circular” stories on the breakfast news.



I’m thinking I might go and see Life at the cinema tonight. If anyone else has seen it and thinks it’s horrendous let it be known before I go at 7:30.

Dinner: Dunno, beans? Beer? Beans and beer.

The more I watch Masterchef the more I realise the only thing I could confidently cook would be a spaghetti bolognese and they don’t seem too happy about that. Do you reckon you could do something fancy?


i’m chucking it right now



I am going to go from work to the pub at 5:30ish
I am going to drink between one and three pints of alcoholic beer
I am going to go home, watch The Wailing and eat a pizza


never heard it called etc etc


Is The Handmaiden on? I’d deffo recommend that but DO NOT go and see it with any family members.


Leaving the office in 10.
Night in with wine tonight.
Like good Catholics, we’re having fish.


I should stay until about 5:30 but I expect I will leave at 5

Home with the kids, will probably just get in lazy pizza or ready meals or whatever. I wish sainsburys did a vegan or cheese free pizza for Vegan daughter though, Would the counter where they make fresh ones do that? I never use it.

I did tell myself I would have a night off the booze, but who am i kidding?




think i’d struggle with a bolognese tbh. that lass on yesterday who applied for ten years on the trot and then got voted off in the first round. oooooft.


I remember recommending my Mum go and see Shame at the film festival up north only having just heard good reviews about it and not really knowing what it was about. She ended up randomly and very awkwardly sitting next to the lady from the village post office throughout the whole thing. Oo err.


:grinning: drops you in the deep end very early on in that film if I’m not mistaken.


i would really recommend NOT watching the director’s cut in case you were considering it

edit @AllOfThemWitches


Ooft I did not know there was a director’s cut.


22 more minutes :fearful:


finish work at 5:30. tea is pizza and beer. got some pals coming over for drinks later, then oot


it was fuckin brutal


my local seems to be only showing the DC

Very annoying when the director has basically said “don’t go see that unless you really like the original cut”


yeah he’s basically said it isn’t a director’s cut in the traditional sense, just a needlessly extended cut for a bit more context