Friday bit late for a banal thread


5.30pm today

will go home via posh beer shop

will cook curry once home, crack a beer, watch a film or something on netflix isn’t it


“For main I’ve made a vegetarian burrito with sour cream and guacamole and for dessert I’ve made a sweet burrito with cream and a raspberry coulis, ENJOY!”


ooh good shout


john: err mate, this is just a load of fruit in a tortilla…?
gregg: i have to say… i like it!


Big Tesco and Morrisons do a decent range of dairy free/ gluten free pizza in the frozen section.


Book club tonight, having it on a Friday for once so we can have drinks without having to work the next day. Getting a halloumi burger :hamburger:

Really hope everyone else is as furious at the book as I am.


What was it?


The Judge’s Wife by Ann O’Loughlin

It was easy to read but I guessed the first major twist in about 10 pages and I am always terrible at guessing what’s going to happen in books. I enjoyed it for a while, it’s pretty easy-going and the description of 1950s Ireland was nice, but the ending was so stupid it actually made me angry


Got a G&T.


That doesn’t sound like a book I would ever consider reading.

Are you all sinking pints of Guinness and eating colcannon to get into 1950s Irish mode?


Yeah those bells looked pretty painful. Wheyyyyyyy!


Still at the fams so whatever they’re cooking, think it’s hunters chicken. Didn’t watch Masterchef last night so I now have 3 episodes to watch.

Might go cache a geo. Rock n roll!



Just got almost everything sorted for work, ready for the weekend. And then someone phones up about 15 minutes before I’m due to leave the office, with two significant issues, neither of which I can resolve until Monday. So, rather than spending the weekend relaxed after a hard week’s work, I’ll be spending the weekend worrying about work again :frowning:



i didn’t really find it squirmy at all, they’re just vaginas mates. a lot of people in the screening i was at were squirming and ‘ewww’-ing at them going down on eachother and stuff like that. wtf mates? by the time the torture porn came into it, it just felt a bit too late and throwaway.


hmmm, could pop to the morrisons near my work on the way home

cheers keith


I knocked work on the head early. Probably going to end up eating a terrible burger at the stadium during the match later.

Might go out afterwards, there’s a Prince night on but I don’t have a ridiculous outfit to wear.


Me neither, one of the reasons I joined the book club was to get back into reading by reading lighter stuff that I wouldn’t normally pick up but it’s just convinced me that life is too short to read shit books.

BTW this was one of the reviews on the book’s Amazon page


Their Free From sections are often the best of the big supermarkets.


My book club in Glasgow will occasionally pick things I’m not interested in but I think it’s good for me to be pushed outside of my comfort zone.


[spoiler]i was expecting it to get quite leery but I found it very tender. It looked ruddy amazing. No gigglers in the screening I was in but it was Saturday night at Richmond Curzon, possibly the most white middle class cinema in all of London.

Seems to be Parko’s calling card innit, chuck a bit of dismemberment in there. [/spoiler]