Friday bit late for a banal thread


curry. yeah. got some courgette and quorn chicken left in the fridge. good idea.


that is da q


after doing fuck all all week, does anyone ever get a sudden jolt of work energy at 5 o’clock on Friday? where was this enthusiasm on Tuesday morning when I could have made it count?

Ah well it’s passed now.


Dude, both


I just stuck on Metallica’s Black album.


fuuu just realised i’m going to beavertown next week, not tomorrow!!! nooooo


Sorry, this wasn’t very banal. I’ll tell you that I had an M&S savoury cheese sandwich as I’m not eating til later and I was shaky.


Staying in, got work tomorrow. I’ve made a banging curry for later though and bought a pack of those cheap ‘Continental-style’ lagers from Sainsbo’s so might have a couple of em


This bag is full of old socks, tights and bras.





Sigh, I know.


Fassbender swooooon :grinning:


wish I had some friends so I could go out somewhere and be happy


fucks sake, I tried to find a stupid picture of him but he manages to look pretty cool in everything. There’s no silly fashion photos with tigers or parrots or pugs… this is the worst i could find and it’s not even that bad -



Thank you.




Swoon (ish)


Eh, am I wrong in suggesting you look the teensiest bit like him? I’m obviously referring to Eric’s pic when I say this.


Eh, I don’t think I look like that, I mean I rarely wear shorts :wink:


I’ve put a 15 minute autoclose on this as I’m not sure about an evening thread and a banal thread running concurrently. Time to tie up any loose ends I’m sure :slight_smile: